There are many reasons that Australians are famous around the world. Whether it is because they are from down under, for their wonderful wildlife or because of their accents, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is the fact that they are also famous for having some of the best golfers of all time?

These guys have been legends around the world for the records they’ve broken and the amazing games they have played throughout the many years of their work, and they have managed to make quite the names for themselves. Let us look at some of these players and see what kind of legacy they have left for the rest of the world and in Australia. This list contains the players from all times and eras because we want to know who started it all and who keeps carrying the torch right now.

Peter Thomson

Peter Thomson is an old school player, who used to play all the way in the 50s, when he won the British Open four times, while also being the runner up twice and finishing in the not so prestigious sixth place once.

Just because he wanted to, he later came back in the 60s and added another victory in the tournament, solidifying his name as a legend of the game while doing it forever. Thomson also played the US open, although did not have the same kind of success as he did in Britain. He was known for his amazing gameplay style and his curious personality.

Greg Norman

There are not that many champions and legend in the world that are better known for the games they’ve lost, as compared to the ones they have won. Unfortunately, Greg Norman became one of these people, as he became famous worldwide for the games he has lost thanks to terrible luck and some amazing chokes.

Still, the man has managed to become a champion a large number of times throughout his career and has been known for his fair share of victories, regardless of the fact how many times he lost. He is part of the great legacy of Australian golfers who have shown the world what it means to play gold the Australian way.

Adam Scott

For a while, Adam Scott was known as the great Australian golfer who had never won a single major competition, although this changes in 2013, when he won the 2013 Masters. Since then, he has become of the biggest legends of the game, winning the European tour eight times (before and after 2013), having 13 wins under his belt in the USPGA tour and many victories in Asia, South Africa and Australia.

In order to spread the truth of his superior playstyle, this man has played almost every continent in the world and proven himself to be one of the greatest legends in the world. While not playing, he likes to enjoy at home in Australia while playing some pokies online or offline.

David Graham

Graham is known around the world and specifically in Australia as being one of the toughest big tournament players out there. He has been part of the top ten 16 times in many of the major international tournaments and has two wins, one in the 1979 PGA Championship and on in the 1981 US Open.

Graham has also won the USPGA eight times, five more times on the Champions Tour and won almost on every continent around the world. He is an impressive player with an impressive list of wins that made himself a legend by being one of the best players in the world.

Jason Day

Jason Day has won twice in a row on the PGA tour, his second being in 2016 at the WGC Dell Match Play Championship. A week before that victory he had won the Arnold Palmer International. Those were the two that put him at nine PGA Tour victories throughout his career, an impressive feat on its own.

Since then he also won the 2016 Players Championship and also had two 2018 victories, bringing him to a total of 12 wins on PGA Tours. This makes him one of the most impressive players in Australian gold today and earns him a spot on our list today.

Steve Elkington

Despite the fact that Elkington has suffered multiple injuries and illnesses during his career, h has still managed to achieve an impressive 10 career win list on PGA tours. He has won in 1991 Players Championship, the 1995 PGA Championship and more. He has played a number of other playoff majors, but he never managed to win the 2002 British open.

Unfortunately, his injuries kept him for playing much more throughout the years, but he still has managed to amass an impressive portfolio of victories throughout the years. Maybe he will get to play again and pick up some more victories sometime in the future.

Bruce Crampton

If you go back all the way to the 1970s, and you ignore all of the achievements of the modern players, you will encounter Bruce Crampton, who was one of the best players in the world during this period of time. He has won the PGA tour in 1973 and earned the Vardon Trophy for having the low scoring average record at the time.

Unfortunately, the man never managed to win a major, and this is mostly because of another player, Jack Nicklaus, who ended up winning every time Bruce Crampton came close. Crampton became the eternal runner up to Nicklaus and yet still managed to become one of the most famous and best players in the world despite this.

Kel Nagle

There are not that many people who can boast that they remained as some of the most incredible competitors even after they were way past their prime. Kel Nagle is one of the people who became one of the world’s greats in his 40s when he was no longer in the best shape in his life (arguably).

Up till then, he had only played the Australasian tour, but at 39 he went on to win the British Open in the 1960s. He then dominated the game in the 1960s, throughout his forties. He had many victories in these years around the world and became known as one of the most impressive players in the world at the time.

Jom Ferrier

Some people will argue that by the time that Jim Ferrier became one of the greats, he was no longer an Australian. That is because he had taken up American citizenship by that time, which many think is a reason to not count him as Australian.

Many people are wrong since the man had acquired most of his skill in the Australasian Tour throughout the 1930s, and after moving to the US, kept winning the tournaments throughout the 1940s, ending with 18 wins of the USPGA, including one major victory. This made him one of the earliest Australian greats and set the standard for the many players to come after him, many years later.

Geoff Ogilvy

Ogilvy is a strange beast, one that is not too consistent in his games or in his victories, but when he plays well, he plays exceptionally. That is why he earns a spot on the list, even despite the fact that he has not won that many PGA tours. The man still has a lot left in him though and his career has a long time to prove himself to be worthy to be considered one of the greatest Australian players of all time.

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