Today we played the 2nd round of our Eclectic competition. The weather conditions seemed perfect for a good round of golf and for one of our members it proved to be so Captain John Eyre returned the best score of the day with his 42 points! Oh and a nice handicap cut! Just what the Brits didn’t want a few weeks before we play the Vikings for the Viking Trophy, which they are yet to win!

This years’ competition will be played at Villamartin on the 27th November, watch this space to see who comes out on top. La Marquesa was again presented in pristine condition and a pleasure to play and still they are making even more improvements. Results: N.T.P.’s hole 5 K. Persson, hole 11 T. Roed, hole 15 Nada, hole 17 it’s not usual, Tom Jones. The 2’s pot contained just €30 this week and members were hoping that there would not be a repeat of last week’s record of 9 twos.

In fact there were only 2 this week and the €30 was shared between S. Hill and K. Hunter (aka Isaac) best guest this week was J. Landvik with 30 pts. Bronze cat: 3rd J. Hillier 28 pts. 2nd T. Finne 31 pts. 1st M. Mhyrvold 33 pts. Silver cat: 3rd T. Roed 33 pts. 2nd K. Johnsen 36 pts. 1st O. Nygaard 36 pts. on L/H. Gold cat: 3rd N. Spaniol 34 pts. 2nd K. Aasebo 36 pts. 1st J. Eyre 42 pts.

Photo. N.T.P. winners.

Date for your Diary. Christmas Texas Scramble and Meal on the 13/12/17 at La Marquesa. For all of the latest info about our Society please visit or our telephone number is 661 524 101

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