30 members and guest made the hour or so trip down to this oasis in the Alamo. The sky looked grey and with the wind buffeting the car it was obvious that we were in for a tuff day on this long course.

Sure enough you needed a driver and a good 3 wood and for some a 7 iron to cover the 357m on the first hole! As always the greens were slick and this just added to the difficulty of the day. To give you an idea of the strength of the wind, Captain John Eyre, playing the 371m par 4 13th managed to hit his tee shot but alas didn´t even reach the Ladies Tee and this one played DOWN wind!!

Considering the conditions some good scores were returned but the €20 in the 2´s pot is being carried over to Alenda next week. Results : N.T.P.´S  Hole 5 J. Dean, hole 8 & 12 NADA, hole 15 T. Svensen. Best guest this week was R. Malmgren 30 pts. Silver category: 3rd R. Hagfoss 25 pts. 2nd A. Rickers 27 pts. 1st L. Holmberg 29 pts. Gold category: 3rd T. Svensen 29 pts. 2nd S. Sonesen 29 pts. (L/H) 1ST h. Woerdemann 32 pts. Photo; Gold category members.

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