Texas Scramble La Sella – Feb. 7

A lower turn out for Orba Warblers this week at La Sella as buggies were not allowed due heavy rain the night before. 16 members hastily re-formed 4 teams and headed out on to very wet fairways for our Texas Scramble. The greens however, were as usual quick and deceptive. We were lucky with the weather – although it was cold there was no wind. However, we were not so lucky as one of our members slipped and fell and had to be taken off the course. Fortunately there was no serious injury.

The winners of the day were:

Vicki Loeber Net : 64.2

Margaret Hoare, Steve Cliff, John Brabury

We had two guests playing this week – John Bradbury and Steve Longbottom.

The Football went to Wendy Sullivan filling in the last slot on the card with Falkirk.

Next week, February 21 we are are at Bonalba. First Tee Time 9:52am so please arrive by 9:00am for registration. Guests are welcome subject to space availability and Current Handicap certificate. To book, please contact Michael Taylor on mjt@stylespms.com or phone 639 242 896.

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