This month’s competition was held at Alicante Golf a week earlier than normal due to complications at the course.  Nevertheless the weather seemed to have given us a break with some sunshine in a chilly 11 degrees.  The course was in excellent condition and the greens were quick but due to the low temperatures still we are not seeing the high scores from the Gold division. 

First tee was at 10.50 with 12 players and at the end of the day everybody journeyed back to the Club House at The Club in Quesada.  Although it was cold out of the sun everybody said they enjoyed their day.  Again for the second month in succession John Dodds managed to make the winner’s rostrum, congratulations.  There were some close contenders but nevertheless he kept his first place as you will see from the results below. 

We had one humorous occasion when Kevin Williams played his ball onto the green, a duck picked it up and ran away with it.  The duck dropped it so a seagull decided to get into the act as well and he took it to the other side of the course.  It was declared a lost ball. 

Our thanks to our hosts John and Carolyn and the staff at The Club for an excellent buffet once again.

Overall Winner:           John Dodds 34 points    

Gold Winner:              Terry Sharley 33 points 

Gold Runner Up:        Gary Strowger 29 points

Silver Winner:             Kevin Williams 24 points

Silver Runner Up:       Chris Byrne 22 points 

Best Guest:                 Ron Hanson 25 points 

Best Front Nine:         Andy Trefry 14 points      

Best Back Nine:          Tony Stead 13 points             

Most Potential:              Rick Drake     

Nearest the Pins: Only two achieved: 3rd Terry Sharley and 15th Terry Sharley.  He also won the twos so it was a clean sweep on the day for Terry.

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