The week started with a 2 ball better ball. Given the original draw, it should have been a ‘high playing with a low handicap’ but some last minute changes left a couple of teams a bit unbalanced.

Our winners with 45 points were Marleen Billen and Hendrick Oldenziel, just edging out Dave Pulling and myself who scored 44. Whilst being a very commendable score it didn’t come close to the record set by John Conway and Donna Campbell last year of 53 points.

Wednesday saw round one (4 out of 6 cards to count) in our Club Championship Stableford. Opening her account, with a terrific 40 points, was Benedicte Kruse. She was followed by Dave Pulling with 34 and Ron Percival who scored 33 points. Olga Douglas carded 32 to take 4th place, just edging out Peter Radcliffe and Lyndsay Forbes on countback.

Four ‘2’s today with Hendrick Oldenziel getting two of them (one of which was on the par four 11th)! For some of our players today I was reminded of a famous old quote; ‘Golf is a game in which you claim the privileges of age and retain the playthings of childhood’.

On Friday we competed a ‘1-2-3 Waltzer’. Taking the honours with a modest 79 points (but great compared to any other team) were Dave Pulling, Tom Hardie, Nora Betts and Peter Wickham. As it was St Valentine’s day on Thursday, another quote sprang to mind; ‘When I die, bury me on the golf course so my husband will visit’.

Unfortunately Benedicte has been a little camera shy lately so you’ve got to look at ‘El Presidente’ instead! 

Pues, hasta la semana que viene       

Peter Reffell

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