Results for w/c 28.01.19

‘Evening all’ and welcome to this week’s crime scene investigation. ‘Twelve angry men’ (well plus a couple of ladies but that didn’t work so well) took to pounding the beat on Monday with an ‘elementary’ 3-2-1 dusty bin.

‘Briefly’ the winning squad, with 76 points, were John Shervell (doing a great artist’s impression) together with Hendrick (Van der Valk) Oldenziel and undercover, wearing his plain clothes, Mike Chapman. They were ably assisted by the fictional Albert (Pierrepoint?).

After a great show of numbers on Tuesday, when we said a fond farewell to our good friend Brian Staines, it was back on patrol on Wednesday with the first (of 6) eclectic Stablefords. Two ‘Joker’ holes were chosen by each player where the points scored were doubled. The ‘charge sheet’ showed Lindsay (Taggart) Forbes come out top with 40 points closely pursued by Nora Betts and Mike Mahony. 

Mike was also one of only two people (the other being Andy McDonald) to steal a ‘2’ on the day, but as he doesn’t participate he walked away empty handed! ‘Just one more thing’ (get it?) I don’t normally mention 4th place but as it was Trevor (Ironside) Pulleyblank  I’m making an exception this week.

Onto Friday when we played a 999 (actually it was a 6x6x6). After the post mortem, our winning gang and picking up the ‘Tin Star’ with 83 points were Geoff Biggerstaff, Ron Percival, John Dobson and Albert.

Pues, hasta la semana que viene

Keep ‘em peeled – P.C.Reffell

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