Eurogolf/Toffs Press Report for week 4th December 2017

A good turnout for the December Monthly Stableford on Thursday 7th December at our home course of La Marquesa GC.   Congratulations to the Winner of the December Stableford Trophy Bev Evans with 41 points.

Results were as follows:

Cat. 1: 1st B. Buckeridge 34pts (c/b) 2nd B. Martin 34pts (c/b), 3rd A. Crammon 34pts (c/b)        

Cat. 2:  1st G. Grierson 35pts (c/b), 2nd I. Pegg 35pts, 3rd D. Blanchette 32pts.

Cat. 3:  1st B. Shorley 40pts, 2nd K. Brett 34pts, 3rd B. Adkins 33pts.

Cat. 4:  1st B. Evans 41pts, 2nd C. Stanley 34pts (c/b), 3rd J. Hill 34pts.

Best Front 9: K. Bonser 18pts, Best Back 9:  J. Lynch 18pts.  CBA: 0

NTP’s:     5th C. Horne, 11th C. Stanley,  12th (in two) G. McCallum, 15th P. Gartside, 17th P. Perito.

Football Draw:  B. Evans 27, S. Sayers 37, M. Foskett 48, R. Richards 70, F. Reeve 18.   

Tuesday 5th December 74 players were due to play the normal Toffs Stableford, however, arriving at La Marquesa GC at 8.00am, with the temperature 6oC and a heavy frost covering the course, the start was delayed by 90 minutes.  In the end only 44 players started, the other 30 probably went home and back under their duvets!!

Results were as follows: Overall Winner:  S. Yoxall 40pts.

Cat. 1: 1st S. Yoxall 40pts, 2nd B. Martin 36pts.  (Only paying out 1st & 2nd in all categories)

Cat. 2:  1st B. Adkins 35pts, 2nd A. Lawson 32pts.

Cat. 3:  1st P. Venables 33pts, 2nd K. Bonser 30pts.

Cat. 4:  1st B. Jones 30pts, 2nd C. Stanley 24pts.

 NTP’s:  5th G. McCallum, 11th T. Cotgrave, 12th (in two) G. McCallum, 15th A. Crammon,     17th A. Crammon. CBA: 0

Football Draw: A. Crammon 9, B. Jones 67, A. Venables 48, C. Stanley 75, P. Perito 2.

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