• Las Ramblas Golf Society Results for w/c 3.5.21

Monday’s ‘Counter Game’ was the version where the number of scores out of four to count was known before the hole was played. With 104 points (only 2 off our record!) the winners were Ron Luffman, Paul Brown, Petina Murray and the ‘evergreen’ Reg Akehurst.

With the winning post in sight Wednesday saw round five of six for this year’s Club Championship. Ron Luffman was in the money again, winning on the day with 41 points. Friedel Knebel put up a brave fight with 40 points whilst it was John Drakesmith who came in third place with 38. Three ‘2’s today; Ron Luffman (been a good week for him) Pat Cassidy and wait for it ………… Me!

It was a case of good news bad news after the game. Good news, the bar in the clubhouse has reopened. The bad news, the prices have been massively increased. Five Euros a pint! Looks like Jonnie at Rikikiki’s Bar, La Fuente (this week’s photo) will be seeing a bit more of us.

A nett score in the 50’s in a Texas Scramble is normally enough to claim a spot in the top three. With 59.3 my team certainly thought we’d done well. However, with 57.4, it was Ron Phipps, John & Ellen Drakesmith and Reg Akehurst who took the prize money.

And remember; ‘Golf is a lot of walking, broken up by disappointment and bad arithmetic’.

Pues hasta la semana que viene

Peter Reffell