Well it is the morning after the night before and there are plenty of sore heads afield.  What a fantastic day with 85 members competing for the honour of winning that coveted prize, the Captains.

As usual there are a number of people that need to thanked, our competitions committee under the guidance of Camillus Fitzpatrick and ably assisted by Philip Mountford and Terry Fitzgerald.  Denis McCormack and Susy Gomez for their organisation of the nights entertainment.  Jean, Paul, Karolina and all the course staff at La Serena, well done and thank you.  To Gloria, Vanessa and Marijose and all the clubhouse staff thank you.

The day began with the traditional drive-in, it was one of the most entertaining ever.  Jim a player with a natural draw, or hook some might say, subdued the nerves teed up and duly managed a clean strike, straight right into the water.

Second ball now and feeling a little apprehensive teed up, knocked the ball of the tee with his address, we all fell silent to give him a chance and yes you guessed it, straight right again.  Nearest the Captains’ drive became difficult to mark.  But Terry sorted it for us.

We played off the white and blue stakes, with a few grumbles, but the results justified the decision.  Camillus sorted the cards at La Serena and we all made our way to El Prado restaurant in San Miguel for the evening dinner dance and presentation of prizes.  Jackie Whyte provided the top class entertainment in her usual professional manner and soon had us all singing and dancing.  Thank you Jackie.

Down to the results of the day.  Our special prizes of the longest drive nearest a white line on the 11th went to Gary Conroy.  The other very special prize nearest to the Captains’ drive went to Tony Woodward after the snorkel had been brought into play.  NTP’s, went to Gary Conroy, Richie Heaton, Terry Jones and Steve Hodgett.

Cat. III winner, Jennifer McCadden 39, second, Graham Lewis 38 and third Yvette McGeehan.  Cat II winner, Terry Jones 36, second, Kevin McBride 36 and third our Captain James Hayes 35.  Cat I winner Patrick Coyne 38, second, Kenny McGeehan 37 and third Tony Davis 36.

The gross went to John Doyle O’Brien with 29.  Runner-up with 39 William Thompson and the winner of the Captains Prize for 2019 Tony Woodward 40 points.  Jim thanked all those present for their support and he also raised a glass in memory of those friends and members passed.