This course is not on our frequent visit list, although it is in good condition, with a small exception that the greens were a little on the slow side, they are usually faster than most courses on the Costa Blanca.

Maybe this was the reason for low scoring from the 40 members and guests that turned up on a bright sunny day with just a slight chilled wind to make the golf a little more interesting.

Club selection seemed to be the biggest problem, with most of the greens elevated and with false fronts it was difficult to take an extra club that would have ensured that the ball stayed on the green instead of it winding its way down to the bottom of the run off areas where you were lucky if your chip shot managed to stay on the green or decide that a visit to the sand on the opposite side would be more interesting!

Results; N.T.P.’s Hole 6 S. Dean, Hole 9 NADA, Hole 12 D. Kirkham, Hole 15 K. Alm. Alan (cuddly from Dudley) Rickers won the €30 contained in the 2’s pot by making a birdie on the par 3 9th.

Our Best guest this week was Mr. J. Nichols with the best score of the day, 36 points. He will be a member the next time he plays but may need a handicap reduction first. (Only Joking). Bronze cat; 3rd Mrs. P. Sabine 29, 2nd L. Holmberg 34, 1st Mrs. S. Twentyman 34 on L/H. Silver cay, 3rd K. Krog 29, 2nd M.V. Grinsven 29 L/H, 1st A. Rickers 32. Gold cat: 3rd J. Whitaker 30, 2nd O. Cederberg 34, 1st P. Bradley 34 L/H.

Photo; Gold category winners. To find out more about our friendly Society log onto or our Facebook page

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