40 members “found” their way to this tricky little course nestled between Rojales and Ciudad Quesada.

It’s not so easy to find and certainly do not rely on your sat nav! It can’t find it either. But when you do find it what a surprise you’ll have, forget all of that bad publicity of years ago; this course is defiantly on the up! It is a pleasure to play it.

That having been said we are now in the “silly season” whereby all of the courses are flooded with too many players, so the 5 hr round is now the normality once again.

Results: N.T.P.’s hole 5 K. Winton, hole 11 M. Kennedy, hole 15 J. Hettrick, hole 17 L. Holmberg. Two “2’s” winners this week each receiving €20 well done to Kenny Winton and Lars Jernberg. Best guest was Mrs. C. Martin. 36 points. Bronze cat: 3rd S. Twentyman 32 pts. 2nd L. Holmberg 34 pts. 1st K. Krog 40 pts. Silver cat: 3rd T. Roed 32 pts. 2nd D. Sullivan 33 pts 1st P. Boyling 35 pts. Gold cat. 3rd O. Rong 33 pts. 2nd K. Houpalahti 35 pts. 1st K. Winton 36 pts.

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