When opening the blinds this morning we were greeted with a bright sunny day far different from the torrential downpour that hit us last week at Hacienda Del Alamo.

After a few late cancellations 40 members and guests made their way along the A7 and then the A31 to this ever improving golf course, I say made their way along the A7/A31 well there were one or two that did take the wrong turnings but still managed to arrive in time for their tee times.

Back to the course, the recent reseeding on holes 11 and 18 have now made a huge difference, improving both the view and the way the holes are played. No fault could be found with the condition of the course today but our Bronze category seemed to find it hard to score.

As we move on to the Silver category the scores improved, but it was only in the Gold category that scores were more in-line with other visits to this course and includes Bill Gillies’ 40 points, enjoy your new handicap Bill!

Results: N.T.P. Hole 3 O. Nygaard, Hole 5 NADA, Hole 13 B. Gillies, Hole 16 R. Nilsen. Three players made birdies on the par 3’s, D. Sullivan, B. Gillies and J. Hillier shared the €57 in the pot. Our best guest was S. Ross with 39 points. Bronze cat. 3rd T. Finne 24 pts. 2nd M. Mhyrvold 27 pts. and 1st on L/H with 27 pts. J. Hillier. Silver cat. 3rd L. Jernberg 29 pts, 2nd D. Sullivan 29 pts. 1st K. Johnsen 29 pts. all decided on Handicap. Gold cat. 3rd K. Persson 30 pts. 2nd L. Sandgren 34 pts. 1st B. Gillies 40 pts.

Photo: Bronze cat winners.

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