Roda was in excellent condition for our Stableford competition, 32 members and guests trekked down the AP7 for 30 mins or so to arrive in time to tee off just a little after 9am. It would appear that early starts don’t really suite everyone or could it be the high temperatures that affected the concentration resulting in some very average scoring, however there were some who apparently thrive on such conditions with 3 members bettering their handicaps.

The course could certainly not be called to fault, it was in excellent condition. Last week’s player with the best score, Sverre Sonesen, couldn’t match it today so has decided to make his way home to sunny Norway until October. However a couple of Viking did manage to make a podium position and reduce their handicaps.

Results: N.T.P’s, Hole 2 J. Dean, Hole 7 K. Winton, Hole 11 R. Nilsen, Hole 13 Nada. Best Visitor Mrs. C. Markey with just 22 points. Bronze category, 3rd M. Kennedy 28 pts. 2nd G. Sorby 31 pts. 1st R. Nilsen 37 pts. Silver category 3rd A. Rickers 28 pts. 2nd L. Jorung 35 pts. 1st D. Sullivan 39 pts. Gold category, 3rd K. Winton 31 pts. 2nd S. Sonesen 32 pts. 1st J. Dean 34 pts.

Photo: Bronze cat. Winners.

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