The weather forecast was for a very hot day and in the valley of La Marquesa it’s usually hotter but even these temperatures couldn’t match the high score of a certain Viking known as Sverre Sonesen.

This particular Viking couldn’t stand the poor weather up there in Norway so embarked on a raid to La Marquesa where he not only secured a N.T.P. but also returned the highest score of the day to win the Gold category.

On the downside his 43 pts. has lowered his handicap before his next game with us at Roda next week, there we will see what stamina he has. The course was in excellent condition following the greens maintenance and apart from the excessive heat, playing conditions were perfect.

This course gets better every time we play it. Results: N.T.P.’s Hole 5 S. Sonesen, hole 11 Nada, hole 15 J. Dean, hole 17 R. Rea. Joe Dean took the €28 from the 2’s pot after leaving himself a tap-in birdie on 15 from just 20cm. Best Visitor and now member was L. Jorung with 35 pts. Bronze category; 3rd on L/H was our youngest member of 87 years, Tom Jones with 32 pts. 2nd S. Twentyman 34 pts. 1st G. Sorby 36 pts. Silver category; 3rd A. Rickers 34 pts. 2nd J. Daroszewski 36 pts. 1st J. Hettrick 37 pts. Gold category; 3rd L. Hagstrom 32 pts. 2nd J. Eyre 35 pts. 1st S. Sonesen 43 pts.

Photo: Bronze category winners, L-R SS.Twentyman, Geir Sorby and Tom Jones.

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