40 members and guests assembled at El Valle for this week’s Stableford competition. Our tee time of 11, 36 meant that we had to get a move-on if everyone should finish before dark.

Well, our first group teed off on time only to find a large Swedish group in front of them, El Valle has quite a walk between some of the holes so inevitably it took them 5 hours, this put a little pressure on our last groups with the last two group playing the last two holes in almost darkness and as you can see from the photo the presentation WAS in darkness.

The course was in good condition with the greens being a little on the tricky side, well that was my opinion but it appears that 6 other members found them easy there being 6 birdies on the par 3’s apart from this, the golf course won today with only one person breaking par.

Results: N.T.P.’s Hole 6 Shelia Dean, Hole 9 Sandy Hill, Hole 12 NADA,  Hole 15 Kai Krog. 2’s winners: S. Dean, A. Alm, K. Alm, M. Kennedy, L. Jernberg, K. Hunter. Best visitor T. Svensen 31 pts. Bronze cat. 3rd T. Finne 27 pts. 2nd M. Mhyrvold 32 pts. 1st. A. Alm 36 pts. Silver cat. 3rd K. Krog 30 pts. 2nd M. Kennedy 31 pts. 1st A. Alm 36 pts. Gold cat. 3rd H. Arvesen 31pts. L/H 2nd K. Winton 32 pts. 1st S. Sonesen 33 pts.

Photo. N.T.P. Winners.

For more info about our Society www.tmgs.org or www.facebook.com/tmgsgolf  call our Secretary on 661 524 101

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