As the festive season approaches 40 members and guests played our annual Christmas Texas scramble at La Marquesa this was followed by an excellent Christmas Dinner in the clubhouse restaurant.

As in recent years special occasions are paid for from Society funds and this more than value for money meal was no exception.

Most members wanted to show their Christmas spirt and dressed accordingly, bright red could be seen on all parts of the course except for one person, Karin Alm who kindly showed the rest of us how in centuries gone by just how Christmas was celebrated in Sweden she was dressed as follows. In Sweden, Christmas begins with Saint Lucia ceremony on 13th of December.

Lucia was a Christian virgin who sacrificed herself for her devout faith in Christianity in the 4th century at Syracuse. The ceremony is held in her honour and is quite recent and is often associated with the traditional thanksgiving for the return of the sun. On this day, the youngest daughter from each family puts on a white robe with a red sash before dawn and wears a crown of evergreens with tall-lighted candles attached to it.

Just a short history lesson, thank you Karin!

Again the golf course was in good condition although a few fairways could be seen to be turning beige with the recent cold weather but playing great as usual. Results: N.T.P.’s hole 5 Ole Rong, hole 11 Bill Gillies, hole 15 Norbert Spaniol, hole 17 Sandra Twentyman. 3rd place team: N. Spaniol/L. Holmberg/L. Jernberg/K. Persson 63.3 2nd place team: J. Imrie/R. Rea/O. Haubner/C. Oatley 62.2 winning team: T. Roed/O. Rong/K. Aasebo/R. Nilsen 60.9  to see our members enjoying their Christmas meal.

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