The weather forecast didn’t look good for our monthly visit to La Marquesa to celebrate our 5th Anniversary. Although the clouds were a little on the dark side it was never in doubt that it wouldn’t rain.

Nothing could have dampened the spirt or atmosphere of our members today, everyone wanting to play their best hoping that their name would appear on the Anniversary Trophy. A number of members managed to break par with only handicap separating the first 3 places in the Gold category, the outright winner was never in any doubt when he declared his 40 pts. To the committee, well done John Hillier.

For those that had tried so hard there were other prises on offer that had been kept secret by the committee. After all of the main prize winning cards had been withdrawn, prises were awarded to the best back front 9, best par 3’s, best par 4’s in all categories, in all some 20 prizes were won.

These winners were; Merethe Mhyrvold, Jim Davidson, Olga Haubner, Robbie Rea, Helge Rong, Derek Sullivan, John Hettrick, Lee Williamson, Phil Boyling, Brian McMenamin, Carsten Landaas, Chris Gray, Kenny Winton and Kjell Aasebø. The full competition results; N.T.P.’s hole 5 S. Williams, hole 11 R. Nilsen, hole 15 M. Kennedy, hole 17 J. Hillier. Our 2’s pot was shared between M. Kennedy and C. Landaas taking €15 each. Bronze category results; 3rd C. Bellman 30 pts. 2nd A. Goslan 34 pts. 1st J. Hillier 40 pts. Silver category; 3rd R. Nilsen 32 pts, 2nd A. Rickers 32 pts. 1st M. Kennedy 32 pts. decided on lower handicap. Gold category; 3rd T. Norris 37 pts. 2nd J. Eyre 37 pts. 1st R. Malmgren 37 pts. again decided by lower handicap.

Podium places for the Anniversary Trophy were 3rd J. Eyre, 2nd R. Malmgren and the winner J. Hillier. All members were invited to enjoy their lunch in the excellent clubhouse restaurant afterwards.

Meals and prizes were sponsored by the Society. Photos. Podium winners and all added competition winners.

For further information about our forward looking Society please visit or follow us @TMGSGOLF or visit our Facebook page TMGSGOLF. The secretary will still take your call on 661 524 101

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