After missing last month’s visit due to greens maintenance, our members were in joyful mood and ready to play the 1st round of our Captain’s Stableford competition of our new season. 40 members and guests arose from their beds early for the usual 9am start.

The course was in excellent condition with the greens recovering well from last month’s work, although the 6 hole does still have a temporary green, but thanks to the green keeping staff it plays like a normal green, the proof is that there were 3 “2’s” on it today !

The €36 pot was shared out between N. Spaniol, T. Roed, M. Saunders and O. Rong.  N.T.P.’s Hole 4 D. Sullivan, hole 6 J. Hillier, hole 10 T. Norris, hole 15 L. Jernberg, hole 17 N. Spaniol. Best guest was T. Denning with 37 points. Bronze category results. 3rd J. Hillier 24 pts. 2nd K. Alm 26 pts. 1st R. Hagfoss 34 pts. Silver category: 3rd D. Sullivan 32 pts. on L/H, 2nd O. Rong 36 pts. 1st L. Jernberg 37 pts. Gold category: 3rd M. Saunders 32 pts. on L/H 2nd J. Dean 33 pts. 1st P. Bradley 35 pts.

Photo. N.T.P. winners.

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