With many of our members taking a summer break back in the UK or Scandinavia just 24 players made their way to Alenda.

The course was presented in great condition as some of the winning scores will show. It was noticed that yet again Alenda are making improvements, this time to many of the cart paths by re-routing them so as not to interfere with play.

With so few players the day was made shorter this was to the delight of some who MUST get home to the “better half” ASAP! All in all a very enjoyable day’s golf on a very enjoyable course.

Results; N.T.P.’s Hole 3 new member Mike Saunders, hole 5 Joe Dean, hole 13 our resident school teacher, now retired Derek Sullivan, hole 16 Nada. Derek along with Mike also managed to birdie their par 3’s to share the €21 contained in the 2’s pot. Silver category results; 3rd J. Hillier 33 pts. 2nd S. Twentyman 34 pts. 1st Merethe Mhyrvold 35 pts. Gold category results; 3rd G. Smith 33 pts. 2nd L. Jernberg 36 pts. 1st O. Rong 38 pts.

Photo: Gold category winners.

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