Forty-seven members accompanied by 5 guests turned out for the 3rd round of this year’s President’s Trophy, sponsored by Moneycorp, for which the society is very grateful. By round’s end there were a lot that wished they hadn’t bothered.

Only 2 players, Norman Cahill and Order of Merit leader Russell Bailey played to their handicaps, included in a mere 7 players making 30 points or more, with 9 making 20 or less and 6 not bothering to return at all.

A truly difficult day with Bronze category players suffering the most, principally due to the setting back of tee positions, so making some long carries necessary. The guests fared little better with Peter Dulson probably quite surprised that his score meant him receiving the guest runner-up prize of a sleeve of balls.

Carol Wolstenholme was present from Moneycorp to present the prizes to most of the day’s winners, including a golf shirt to the day’s best scorer on countback, Russell Bailey. Russell stretches his Order of Merit lead and is well placed in the President’s Trophy after recording 2 rounds. Leading the competition, having competed in all 3 to date (best 3 of 5 to count) is Captain Tony Smale, closely followed by Vice-Captain Phil de Lacy. 

Winning results, by category and in reverse order, were the following:

Bronze Category: 5th Neil Sheldon (23 on CB), 4th Paul Kavanagh (23 on CB), 3rd Mike Kaylor (24 on CB), 2nd Ian Parkinson (24 on CB) and 1st Peter Cuniff with 25.

Silver Category: 5th Russ Bond (26), 4th Per Arne Skarnes (28), 3rd Bjorn Pettersson (29 on CB), 2nd Steve Hart (29 on CB) and 1st Norman Cahill with 36.

Gold Category: 5th Keven Mitchell (32), 4th Tony Smale (33 on CB), 3rd Eva Pettersson (33 on CB), 2nd John Humphreys (35) and 1st Russell Bailey with 36 points.

Nearest the pins (sponsored by Moneycorp): Hole 6 Paul Kavanagh, Hole 10 Steve Higgins, Hole 12 Russell Bailey, Hole 14 Norman Cahill.

Abacus (sponsored by Mike Kaylor): Chris Hamblett

Best Guest Winner and Runner-up: Andreas Kummer (26) and Peter Dulson (18) respectively.

Our thanks go to all Las Ramblas staff for their contribution to the day. Next week we will be at Hacienda de Riquelme, then on following weeks at Altorreal and Vistabella. Keep up to date with all SMGS matters by logging on to our website or simply give Captain Tony Smale a call on 628227687.

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