The first medal round of the SMGS 2019/20 season, played as part of the year’s Bogey’s Shield competition, saw an excellent turnout of 40 members and 8 guests. The last time we were here in September DANA was approaching, with the following 2 days having some terrible consequences for a number of members, especially those with their homes in the Vega Baja area. Nearly two months later some still have repairs to their housing ongoing.

So a day of golf should have come as a nice form of relief for many. And it probably was. But for most the windy conditions, well set back tees and, unfortunately again, slow play, meant that it became something of a hardship. Of course sixteen holes with water doesn’t help, but the up to 30km/hr wind which switched directions during the round was the main cause of grief. Bronze category players in particular suffered.

Only 13 players beat a nett 80, the star return of the day being posted by Theo Boelhouwer with a nett 69, the only person to beat their handicap. And a special mention for Kev Allbright. Having received the often much coveted runner/runner etc. up Abacus back in December Kev came 2 nd to Theo on the day, recording a nett 73. A different form of being runner-up!!

Winning results, by category and in reverse order, were the following:

Bronze Category: 4 th Norman Padmore (81 on CB), 3 rd Sandra Dibble (81 on CB), 2 nd Carmel McCann (80), and 1 st Dave Bishop with a nett 78.

Silver Category: 4 th Hugh Reilly (77), 3 rd Alan MacDonald (76 on CB), 2 nd Scotty Phillips (76 on CB), and first Kev Allbright with a nett 73.

Gold Category: 4 th Norman Cahill (76 on CB), 3 rd Bjorn Pettersson (76 on CB), 2 nd Tony Smale (76 on CB) and 1 st , with the day’s best score, Theo Boelhouwer with an excellent nett 69.

Nearest the pins (sponsored by Mick Roscoe’s Property Shop): Hole 3 Steve Chard,

Hole 9 Chris Wren, Hole 15 Carmel McCann, Hole 17 Robin Eastman.

Abacus: Mick Roscoe

Best Guest Winners: 1 st Grattan Forber (80), 2 nd Ian Wilson (85 on CB), 3 rd Ann Webster (85 on CB)

Our thanks go to all La Serena staff for their contribution to an enjoyable day, and especially for honouring their commitment to offering members a free round following a previous golf day misunderstanding. Next week we will be at La Torre.




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