Given the demographic of the San Miguel Golf society, it was somewhat inevitable that the extremely hot conditions at La Marquesa put the course’s defibrillator on standby. Confusion in the ranks regarding the availability of much needed buggies led to the Marshall lending his buggy to ensure there were no walking dead.

The track was in good condition although the greens were considered a tad “woolly” by the majority. To be fair, this is a golfing hazard in summer when course managers, rightly, err on longish grass to protect the putting surfaces from first degree burns.

Brick-hard bunkers made playing from the sand an apprehensive occupation hence, as ever, it was wise to avoid them. Scoring was relatively low due to a combination of devious pin positions and longish par 5s. On the penultimate par 5, Norman Cahill managed to record a par, despite hitting 2 balls into the same red stakes areas. Verily, one for the rule book anoraks.

Top score went to Paddy Diskin who amassed a massive39 points.

The day’s results, by category and in reverse order, were the following:

Bronze Category: 3rd Kyrre Skarsmoen (33 on CB)), 2nd Chris Hamblett (33 on CB) and 1st Mick Roscoe (34)

 Silver Category: 3rd Brain Mulligan (33), 2nd Keith Wraithmell (34), and 1st Paddy Diskin (39)

Gold Category: 3rd Mike Frankish (36 on CB)), 2nd Darren Hancock (36 on CB) 1st Kevin Mitchell (36 on CB)

Nearest the pins on the par 3’s went to Mike Inns, Darren Hancock and Terry Field.

Best guest prize went to Steve Jones.

Mike Inns won this week’s Abacus prize – again – a bottle of a local bodega’s finest red. Mercadona is a bodega of sorts, isn’t it?

Our thanks to the staff at La Marquesa for their contribution to the day.

Keep up to date with all SMGS matters by logging on to our website or simply give Tony Smale a call on 628227687 to find out more about the society and its weekly golf get-togethers. Next week we will be at La Manga South.

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