41 players including five guests, Jim Hayward, Peter Jackson, Doug Emson, Roy Jones and Iain Chapman turned up today for our Stableford competition, a cold start as usual but the weather warmed up into a beautiful day.

The results for Division 2 were as follows: 1st place John Evans with 33 points playing off 20.2, 2nd place Peter Cornes with 28 points playing off 27.8, 3rd place Peter Chapman with 27 points playing off  24.0, 4th place Dave Phillips, our esteemed Captain with 31 points playing off 31.0

The results for Division 1 were: 1st place and overall winner Michael Connolly with 39 points playing off 17.3, 2nd place Penny Barden with 34 points playing off 16.6, 3rd place Terry Moore with 33 points playing off 10.6, 4th place Shaun O’Gorman with 32 points playing off 4.8

Nearest the pin on hole 5 was Peter Rapley with 0.35cm and on hole 16 Donna Green with 4m20cm. Bill Pike had the only 2 today with a great long putt, some say lucky, on hole 15.

The Balls in the Water competition was won by Malcolm Wise, guessing 111, who also donated a birthday prize bottle won by Peter Cornes.

Next week we have a Magic Three Competition, if you would like to play as a guest, subject to handicap contact Penny Barden pegohandicapsec@gmail.com

“Golf is a game in which you shout “fore”, shoot six and write down five” (Paul Harvey)

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