A good turnout  for this year’s Kincavel Quaich Cup at Alicante Golf Club sponsored by Rosemary and Bob Edwards. As is the norm for this time of the year, the temperature was perfect and we all enjoyed a super day out on the course.

Great prizes awaited the 7 winners plus some extras.

1st.  – Malcolm Monti ( Hcap. 13.6 ) with 36 pts.

2nd. – Steve Smith ( Hcap. 4.6 ) with 35 pts.

3rd. – Sheila Dindar ( Hcap. 25.9 ) with 34 pts.

4th. – David Knight (Hcap. 8 ) on c/b with 34 pts.

5th. – Rosemary Edwards ( Hcap. 21.7 ) with 33 pts.

6th. – Barbara Pollitt ( Hcap. 24.2 ) with 33 pts.

7th. – Roy Booth ( Hcap. 19.8 ) on c/b with 33 pts.

Lowest Gross – Steve Smith carding a 79 and Strongest Man Prize – Stafford Pemberton

We had 2 NTPs – Hole 3 Chris Williamson and Hole 12 Arthur Sullivan. Two 2’s recorded : Hole 3 – Chris Williamson and Hole 15 – Steve Smith.

We had 1 guest – Bill Hogg. The Football Card went to Sylvia with Bristol City.

A big Thank You to Rosemary and Bob for the sponsoring the day and providing great prizes.

Next week, November 29 will be a Stableford at Font del Llop. First Tee Time 10:00am so please arrive by 9:15am for registration. Guests are welcome subject to space availability and Current Handicap certificate. To book, please contact Michael Taylor   on mjt@stylespms.com or phone 639 242 896.

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