13 is certainly a lucky number for our Swedish member Lennart Holmberg, today he fulfilled a dream of hitting a hole in one which he did on the par3 11th at La Marquesa. Showing true Swedish character he invited all members to join him with a glass of cava, although he did receive a little help with the bill from the Society funds.

Alas his final total of 32 points left him just outside of the podium places in his new category (Silver) after scoring 40 points recently at Mar Menor. Nevertheless, well done Lennart. Even the 2’s pot was shared out between 4 members, giving T. Roed and S. Hill with birdies on hole 17, J.

Dean managed birdies at hole 5 and 17 each birdie being worth €8. Weather and course conditions were excellent for enjoying a days’ golf with the greens recovering nicely after the recent hollow tinning.

This months’ latest addition to the course is a neon sign situated by the first tee, it reminds players to be courteous to fellow players and maintain a good place of play. Last week’s European tour event in Austria saw a new format in place, i.e. the clock; briefly every player was put on the clock for each shot or would receive a penalty of one shot. Maybe not surprisingly some groups actually managed 18 holes in 4 hours or less, so if they can do it why shouldn’t everyone. Slow play has always been a problem and this shows that it doesn’t have to be. Come guys (and girls) stay close to the group in front and NOT in front of the group behind.

Results; N.T.P.’s hole 5 J.Dean, Hole 11 L. Holmberg, hole 15 S. Hill, hole 17 nada. Best guest this week and for the 2nd week running was Mrs. J. Van Der Kooi.  That was her 3rd game as a visitor so now she must become a member next time. Bronze; 3rd T. Jones 27 points off a handicap of being 87 years young. Well done Tom.

In 2nd place was Tom’s gym slip partner Pearl Sabine with 30 points (age withheld, Tom doesn’t want an investigation into his cradle snatching although Pearl will be eligible for free membership to the Society next year, that’s an exclusive club for over the 80’s)

Silver cat:3rd N. Allen 32, T. Roed 32 L/H 1st D. Sullivan 34. Gold cat; 3rd S. Hill 29, 2nd O. Rong 32, 1st K. Winton 34.

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