Our week started with a bit of fun. In teams of three and all to score on each hole (it had to be explained to John Dobson that this did not mean it was a Texas scramble) everybody played from the ladies’ tees. (I could certainly get used to this!)

Taking first place, with 94 points, were Nick Campbell, Reg Akehurst and Nora Betts, beating the runners up by just one point. Your intrepid reporter also noticedtrepid reporter also notiv that Nick had got dressed in the dark as he was wearing odd shoes. Makes you wonder whose underwear he had on! In my playing group we had quite a high number of ‘Cuban’ putts (they just needed one more revolution!) which would account for our dismal performance!

Wednesday was round two (best 4 scores from 6 cards to count) of the club championship Stableford. It proved to be a double edged sword for Hendrick Oldenziel who managed to win the day with 38 points, but following an emergency summit meeting of the committee, will find himself playing back off the men’s yellow tees.

To clarify, our society rules permit that gentlemen, on reaching the age of 70, are given the option to play a slightly modified course. Usually this is decided on ability. To resume, second spot went to Tom Hardie who scored 36 points and he was the only player to achieve a ‘2’ today (so he had a few extra Euros in his sporran this week!). In third place, and much to her surprise, as her marker filled out the card incorrectly, was Annemarie Weisheit with 35 points.

On Friday we did actually play a Texas Scramble! With a nett score of 60.5 (just one more than the runners up) our winners were John Shervell, Joyce McClusky, Terry Field and myself.

Por ultimo; ‘To some, the greatest handicap is the ability to add correctly’.

Pues, hasta la semana que viene,

Peter Reffell                                            


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