A waltzer 1-2-3 kicked off the week and in 1st place, with 88 points, were Nigel Price, Hendrick Oldenziel, Olga Douglas and a very in form Albert. You may remember I once wrote an article about Hendrick and his days as a footballer with Ajax in Holland. I was intrigued therefore to learn that Trevor Pulleyblank enjoyed a number of years in his youth as a professional goalkeeper back in the UK.

Although never quite making the 1st team he was ‘on the books’ with (amongst others) Southampton, Brighton, Barnet, Wycombe Wanderers, Elgin City and in his own words, ‘anyone who would have me!’ After many hours of work from my research team we were finally able to find a picture of Trevor in action which we are pleased to publish here.

Wednesday saw the sixth and final round of our ‘Eclectic Joker’ Stableford. Today’s winner, with an outstanding 46 points, was Ron Phipps, followed by Annemarie Weisheit who managed to rake in 44. Third place, with 40 points went to Mike Chapman followed by Dave Pulling and Trevor (The Cat) Pulleyblank on countback with 38. Four ‘2’s today with Ron Phipps getting two of them. The others went to Dave Pulling and Olga Douglas. My own claim to fame was chipping in for par two days on the trot!

I’m sure once all the sums have been done I’ll be able to report on the final leader board although Mike Chapman is looking favourite.

The best two scores from four and all on the par 3’s was Friday’s format. With a nice round 100 points our winners were Lindsay Forbes, Tom Hardie, Dave Pulling and that man again Ron Phipps.

Y por ultimo, in the words of Harry Vardon, ‘Don’t play too much golf. Two rounds a day are plenty’.

Pues, hasta la semana que viene, Peter Reffell