On Monday we played Best 2 From 4, all count on the on the Par 5´s and the winning team with a score of 95 pts were Rachel Leckey, Terry Field, John Shervell and Mike Mahony.

Wednesday was the 1st round of our Electic Joker Competition and the results were as follows:

1st Benedicte Kruse 41pts, 2nd On a countback Lindsay Forbes 41 pts. 3rd 39 pts John Drakesmith, 4th on a count back Terry Cullen 39 pts, 5th on a count back Rod Doel 39 pts. 6th John Shervell 38 pts.

2´s Club: John Drakesmith, Ken Robertson, John Shervell and Lindsay Forbes.

Friday it was the Yellow Peril team game and with a score of 108 the winners were Pete Dunn, Ellen Drakesmith, Annmarie Weisheit and John Shervell.   

Mike Mahony     

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