On Wednesday 2nd August 11 people turned up at the Woodstock for the next round of Golf for the Hackers.

Off to Alicante Golf course, the weather was overcast but very humid and sticky.

At the course, in the absence of Corky and Kell, Captain Colin (aka Captain Pugwash) mustered the men and off they went.

At hole one, George and Simon, to their surprise, had 4 guests instead of two. Shane and Connor had brought their chauffeurs / caddies with them in the shape of Shane’s wife Teresa and Connor’s father Keith.

Best hole of the day was Shane’s on the hardest hole, handicap 1. He was on the edge of the green in two and parred the hole. Must have been the rest he had with his wife driving, while the rest of us struggled to get there!

Alicante Golf

Our new member, Ken, made a name for himself. From the edge of the green he over-hit his shot which went into a garden and was heard bouncing around things, one being a garage door, only to find his ball coming back into play and landing on the edge of the green!

On hole 13 there is water to the left and in front. Georges ball went into the water. On advice from Shane, he took a drop in front of the water. Here he joined the RAF in finest dam-buster style as his shot went low, skimmed the water once and continued to land about 35 meters from the green.

Back at the Woodstock, Ian completed the score cards with the following results:

Best Guest and overall match winner: Shane with 32 points

2nd place (but 1st placed member and therefore losing points from his handicap) was the Captain, Colin, with 25 points. Colin demanded a recount but still came second (1st placed member – sorry Colin but the handicap is getting slashed!).

3rd with 23 points was Jeff, Richie and Ian.

6th with 21 points John. 7th with 18 points Malcom. 8th with 17 points was George (One more match and he gets points back..) 9th place Simon 13 points, 10th place Conor 12 points, 11th place Ken 9 points but he will improve once he gets to know the courses.

The Longest drive and both nearest the pins went to our Guest Shane (there must be something in bringing the wife. If only to collect all the prizes as he won and at least 3 raffle prizes. He did put one back in. In all a good day was had by all on a Hot humid sticky day……..

As always, thank you to the staff at the Woodstock for their hospitality.

The next game is at El Plantio on 06 September 2017. Meet at the Woodstock at 08:15 for a first tee-off at 09:36.

If you are interested in joining La Marina Hackers, please have a look at our website, https://lamarinahackers.wixsite.com/home, or contact us by email: lamarinahackers@yahoo.com.

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