On Friday the 23rd November Montgo GS finally played its much anticipated, Hannah Marsden Trophy, sponsored by Bob Marsden. 

This is one of our favourite competitions in honour of Bob´s  granddaughter Hannah, and would you believe she is now 9 years old and blossoming into a beautiful young lady.  I´m sure Bob, and her parents, are extremely proud of her.  We were all very pleased to see Bob at the presentation as we have missed him out on the fairways. 

Although initially a little chilly the day soon warmed up for this rescheduled stableford competition.  Despite the great conditions just three players managed to hit par, and one particular player had a very áccurate´round…

Top of the heap this week, and our new Trophy holder, Robin Thatcher scored a magnificent 41 points.  Second and third were decided on countback with Peter Gardiner in second and Gerian Van Ooijen in third, both with 36 points.  Fourth place went to Shaun O´Gorman with 35 points.

For the NTP prizes we had one player with 4.45m on the 3rd, 3.40m in two on the 18th and 8.20m in three on the 14th.  So the player going home with a well-stocked wine shelf was our shooting star Gerian.  All round to hers for the arty then.  The only other NTP prize went to Geoff Wilcock for his 2nd shot on the 5th at 5.50m.  So well done to Gerian.

Although Gerian wore out her pencil on the NTP cards, bizarrely we had 4 twos to award and not a one was for her.  The four more accurate putters were Barry Butler, John Feek, Shaun O´Gorman, and last but not least Sally Cottrell.  A special 9th place prize also went to Sally and our ´best travelled´ player was new member, Brian Stringer.

Next week´s competition is the Champions Cup sponsored by John Feek for those lucky winners from 2018.  The society is sponsoring a Pairs Betterball for all other players on the day.

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