On Thursday 22nd  June Eurogolf played their monthly stableford  off the plates and the results were Cat 1 1st  David Gregson 35 2nd  Malcolm Foskett 33 c/b 3rd  Pete Cleaver 33

Cat 2 1st  Robin Richards 35  2nd  David Blanchette 32 c/b 3rd  Bertie Lawson 32 Cat 3 1st Gary Grierson 37  2nd Harry armstring 34  3rd John Conolly 33 Cat 4 1st  David Valentine 37 c/b 2nd John Holland 37 c/b 3rd Kevin Bonser 37 June stabelford  winner David Valentine  

NTPs  5th  Morag Turner  11th  Bertie Lawson 12th in 2 Pete Cleaver  15th Steve Sayers  17th David Valentine hole in one. Best front 9 Mike Gillett 19 Best back 9 John Fairhurst 19  Football Robin Richarrds, David Valentine, Susie Crammon, John Conolly and Debbie Weedon.


On Tuesday 20th June Toffs played their normal stableford competition and there there were some amazing scores recorded.Cat 1 (0-15) 1st David Gregson 39  2nd John Barraclough 38 c/b 3rd George McCallum38 3rd   Cat 2 (16-20) 1st Ian Pegg 43 2nd Bertie Lawson 41 3rd Steve Sayers 38

Cat 3 (21-24) 1st John Holland  37  2nd Hadge Armstrong 33 c7b 3rd Ken Enever 33 Cat 4 (25+) 1st Jan Shorkey 36 2nd Brian Jones 31 3rd Gill Gordon 29  Overall Toffs winner Ian Pegg   

Best front 9 David Valentine 20 Best back 9 Angelique Berndt 19  NTPs 5th Malcolm Foskett 11th Pete Cleaver 12th in 2 David Blanchette 15th Hadge Armstrong 17th Damien Levey  Football Franco Gentilli, Hadge Armstrong John Hoilland, Ken Enever and Ian Pegg. 

Eurogolf have nearly come to the end of their season but if you would like to play at La Marquesa Tuesdays and Thursdays with one of the biggest societies on the Costa Blanca please visit the website www.eurogolf-quesada.co.uk.

The next season commences September.



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