On Thursday 1st March Eurogolf played a  stableford off the plates. Although the weather was fine to begin with a strong wind developed later on but there were still some great scores made.

The top 4 scores were 1st Terry Sayers 40 2nd Gloria Manning 39 c/b 3rd Pam Welsh 39 4th Martin Welsh 38 c/b Cat 1 1st Sue Forbes 37 2nd Pete Cleaver 36 Cat 2 1st Diane Bailey 38 2nd Morag Turner 37 Cat 3 1st Colin Hobden 38 2nd Sharon Horne 37 March Stableford winner Terry Sayers Best front 9 John Hill 20

Best back 9 John Barraclough  20  NTP´s 5th Fred Reeve 11th  John Barraclough 12th in 2  Steve Sayers 15th John Barraclough 17th  Pete Cleaver Football draw Bob Adkins Paul Manning Robin Richards Colin Hobden and Dave Nichols.


On Tuesday 27th  February it was a grey rainy day so some people chose not to play and out of those that did only 20 actually completed the course.

Overall winners 1st David Valentine 46 2nd George McCallum 40 3rd Felix Mallon 38 4th Pino Perito 37 Cat 1 1st Malcolm Foskett  35 c/b 2nd Albert Cowley 35 Cat 2 1st Ann Rogers 37 2nd Alan Venables 34 Cat 3 1st Eamonn Divine 36 c/b Monique Reeve 36  Football draw Ian Turner Pino Perito Colin Hobden x 2 and Monique Reeve.

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