On Thursday 31st May Eurogolf played  their monthly stableford off the plates. It was a gloriously sunny day some great scores were achieved.

The top 4 scores were 1st Pete Gartside41 2nd Albert Cook 39 c/b 3rd Gordon Bourne 39 4th Martin Welsh 38 Cat 1 1st Masl Foskett 37 2nd Arty Crammon 35 Cat 2 1st Robin Richards 37 c/b 2nd Linda Lynch 37 Cat 3 1stClare Daye-Gretton 38  2nd Monique Reeve 36  

Monthly Stableford winner Pete Gartside Best front 9 Bert Lawson 22 Best back 9 Jim Weston 20  NTP´s 5th David Horne 11th   Glen Roberts 12th in 2 Stan low 15th Albert Cook  17th  Arty Crammon Football draw Damian Levey Gary Grierson Frances Buckeridge David Blanchette and Steve Sayers


On Tuesday 29th May Toffs  played their usual stableford competition and there were some tremendous scores recorded. Overall winners 1st Karen Simpson 42 2nd Stan Low 41 3rdBob Buckeridge 39 c/b 4th Phyllis Venables 39 Cat 1 1st Pino Perito 38 c/b 2nd Arty Crammon 38 Cat 2 1st Pam Welsh 38  2nd Diane Bailey 37  Cat 3 1st Liz Roberts 34 2nd Ken  Brett 33  

NTP´s 5th Geoff Evans  11th John Barraclough 12th in 2 David Gregson  15th Pete Gartside  17th Tony Forbes Best front 9 John Barraclough 22 Best back 9 Debbie Weedon22 Football draw Clive Horne Ian Turner Eamonn Devine Phyllis Venables and Dave Nichols

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