On Thursday 10th May Eurogolf played their monthly medal off the plates. The top 4 scores were 1st Glo Manning 66 2nd Gary Grierson 68 3rd Albert Cook 70 4th Dave Nichols 71 Cat 1 1st Bob Buckeridge 74 c/b 74 2nd Tony Forbes 74 Cat 2 1st Pam Welsh 73 c/b 2nd Lee Hill 73 Cat 3 1st Jean Goodwin 73 c/b 2nd Monique Reeve 73 May  Medal winner GloManning.  Best front 9 Glen Roberts 34.5  Best back 9 Morag Turner 33.5  NTP´s 5th Karen Simpson 11th  Morag Turner  12th in 2  Malcolm Foskett 15th Gary Grierson 17th Morag Turner  Football draw David Blanchette John Kirkwood Barry Wilson Morag Turner and Eamonn Divine


On Tuesday and Thursday 33 members took part in the annual Club Championships for the best scratch players and handicap players. Retaining his title for the best gross was John Barraclough with a total of 165 for the 2 days 2nd Jack Simpson 168 3rd Tony Forbes 173. Handicap competition 1st Pam Welsh 139 2nd Gary Grierson 145 c/b 3rd Glen Roberts 145 Congratulations to all the winners.


On Tuesday 8th May Toffs  played their usual stableford competition but  there was a reduced field as some players opted. to play in the Club Championship instead The results were overall winners 1st Eamonn Divine 36  2nd Clare Daye-Gretton 35 3rd Paul Manning 34 c/b 4th Angelique Berndt 34 Cat 1 1st Albert Cowley 34 2nd David Wickenden 32 Cat 2 1st Jim Weston 34 2nd Glo Manning 31 Cat 3 1st Liz Roberts 34 2nd Frances Buckeridge 30 NTP´s 5th Eamonn Divine 11th Paul Manning 12th in 2 Albert Cowley 15th No Winner  17th Colin Hobden  Best front 9 Gordon Bourne 19 Best back 9 Jean Goodwin 16  Football draw Bev Fairhurst John Hill Arty Crammon John Holland and Chris Stanley



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