On Thursday 8th March Eurogolf played their monthly medal off the plates. Although it was raining for the early starters and some people decided not to play it turned out warm and sunny and some amazing scores were amassed.

The handicap secretary had a field day cutting the winners by at least 4 shots! The top 4 scores were 1st Bob Adkins 62 2nd Norman Woods 67 3rd Glo Manning 69 4th Clive Horne 71 Cat 1 1st Glen Roberts 73 c/b 2nd Pete Cleaver  73 Cat 2 1st John Fairhurst 72 2nd Debbie Weedon 74 March medal and Birthday Cup winner Bob Adkins. Best front 9 Robin Richards 35.5 Best back 9 David Blanchette 36 NTP’s 5th Steve Yoxall 11th Pete Cleaver 12th in 2 Bill Martin 15th Pino Perito 17th Stuart Allen Football draw Glen Roberts David Valentine Robin Richards and Glo Manning.


On Tuesday 6th March Toffs played their usual stableford and the results were Overall winners 1st Paul Manning 38 2nd David Valentine 36 3rd Glen Roberts 36 c/b 4th Gordon Bourne 34 Cat 1 1st Felix Mallon 34 c/b 2nd Tommy Cotgrove 34 Cat 2 1st Bruce Gordon 34 2nd Robin Richards 32 Ca 3 1st John Hill 34 2nd Ken Enever 30 NTP’s 5th Glen Roberts 11th Tommy Cotgrove 12th in 2 Kevin Bonser 15h Albert Cook 17h Ken Enever Best front 9 Tony Forbes 20 Best back 9 Dave Nicholls 19 Football draw Clive Horne Sharon Horne Jenny Cheetham Robin Richards and Mary Sanderson.

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