On Thursday 28th June Eurogolf played their last game of the season which was the fun game of the Yellow Peril. On each hole a team player is nominated the yellow ball and their score is doubled plus 2 other scores need to count.

The winning team with an amazing score of 162 were Arty Crammon, Steve Sayers, Kevin Bonser and a ghost closely followed by John Barraclough, Felix Mallon, Dave Nicholls and David Blanchette with 161 3rd Martin Welsh, Pam Welsh, Mike Ivory and Jean Goodwin 152 4th Tony and Sue Forbes and Fred and Monique 148  NTP´s 5th Clive Horne 11th  Albert  Cook 12th in 2 Arty Crammon 15th John Kirkwood 17th John Barraclough Football draw Felix Mallon Gary Grierson Duane James Colin Daye-Gretton John Kirkwood Jeff Lynch Tony Stanley Bertie Lawson and Steve Sayers Eurogolf and Toffs will resume in September.


On Tuesday 26th June Toffs  played their usual stableford competition. The course is in super condition and despite the intense heat some impressive scores were recorded. The overall winners were 1st Colin Daye-Gretton 41  2nd Clive Horne 40 c/b  3rd Pete  Gartside  40 c/b 4th Mike Ivory Cat 1 1st Jack Simpson 39  2nd Tony Forbes 38 Cat 2 1st David Horne 38 2nd Steve Sayers 37 Cat 3 1st Morag Turner 39 2nd John Hill 37  NTP´s 5th Fred Reeve 11th Steve Sayers 12th in 2  Alan Venables 15th Tony Forbes 17th Clive Horne Hole in 1 Best front 9 Angelique Berndt 20 Best back 9 Glenn Roberts 22 Football draw Bev Fairhurst Debbie Weedon Stan Lowe John Fairhurst and Pete Gartside

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