On Thursday 5th April Eurogolf played their monthly medal off the plates for the Founders Trophy. It was a fabulous day for golf but nobody managed to break par.

The top 4 scores were 1st Steve Yoxall 72 2nd Karen Simpson 73c/b 3rd Alan Venables 73 4th Jim Weston 73  Cat 1 1st Ian Pegg 74 2nd Bill  Martin 75 Cat 2 1st Robin Richards 74 c/b 2nd Stan Low 74 Cat 3 1st Colin Hobden 74 2nd Jan Shorley 75 April Medal and Founders Cup winner Steve Yoxall  Best front 9 Martin Welsh 35 Best back 9 Phyllis Venables 34  NTP´s 5th Steve Taylor 11th  Tony Forbes 12th in 2  Ian Pegg 15th Ian Pegg  17th Karen Simpson  Football draw Arty Crammon John Cross Bill Martin Graham Cheetham and Martin Welsh


On Tuesday 3rd April 80 players took part in the weekly stableford Toffs competition  and the results were overall winners 1st Tony Forbes 39 2nd Pam Welsh 37c/b John Barraclough37 4th Glyn Roberts 37 4th Cat 1 1st Jack Simpson 36 2nd Steve Yoxall  35 Cat 2 1st David Blanchette 36 2nd Tony Stanley 32 Cat 3 1st Bev Evans 33 2nd Colin Hobden 32 

NTP´s 5thJack Simpson 11th Sue Forbes 12th in 2 John Barraclough 15th Sue Forbes 17th Bert Lawson Best front 9 Debbie Weedon 20 Best back 9 Pino Perito 19  Football draw Bob Buckeridge Petra Van Dorp Sue Gillett John Hill and Kevin Bonser.


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