15 members and 1 guest played a Yellow Ball competition on May Day.

Four teams of 4 players were given one yellow ball to use and each individual doubled their Stableford score when the ball was in their possession. However, should this ball be lost, either in the water or over the fence, five points were deducted from the team’s total score.

Conditions were much better than recently, which accounted for the fact that 75% of the yellow balls were returned. The downside was that the May Day holiday brought many people on to the course as the 18 hole course was closed as it was staging a tournament and play for some, was very slow. The team finishing second scored very well individually and could even overcome the fact that they were the ones to lose the ball.

The winning team all scored over thirty Stableford points each to win by 7 points. As only four teams competed, prizes were only awarded to the first two teams.

Nearest the pins – Hole 2, Ian Henderson and Hole 6, Garry Needham.

Second Place, John Burke, Ronnie Campbell, Mike Davies, Lyn Young – 154 points.

First Place, Ian Henderson, Alistair Douglas, Gary Needham, David Swann – 161 points.

If anyone would like to join our Society, we play at El Plantio Golf Club every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. We use both courses – the Par 3 nine hole course and the main 18 hole course, so we cater for all abilities. The membership rates are very competitive, so call for more details.

Anyone who wishes to play in the Society as a guest or join as a new member, contact Ian Henderson on 966 716 616 or 636 116 230


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