A decidedly wintry Spanish morning, resulting in a 45 minutes delay due to frost, greeted 18 El Plantio 2 members, some dressed in festive gear, for their annual ‘Turkey Trot’.

The idea of the competition is that whatever the game, the winner has first choice of a prize above a certain value, donated by each of the other players with the second player the next choice etc. To avoid the occurrence of a few years ago when one of the ladies received a nice set of screwdrivers, the 3 ladies competed in their own mini game.

Today’s enhanced Joker Competition with nominated Joker holes counting triple Stapleford points rather than double saw serial winner Alistair Douglas win by one point with a triple tie for second spot – the unlucky fourth place being filled by club captain Mike Davies.

Nearest the pins, Hole 1, Bryan Watson, Hole 3, Allen Robinson, Hole 5, Alistair Douglas, Hole 8, Alistair Douglas.

Third Place, Handicap 13, Allen Robinson, 41 points C/B.. Second Place, Handicap 6, John O’Brien, 41 points C/B. First Place, Handicap 7, Alistair Douglas, 42 points.

If anyone would like to join our Society, we play at El Plantio Golf Club every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. We use both courses – the Par 3 nine hole course and the main 18 hole course, so we cater for all abilities.

The membership rates are very competitive, so call for more details. Anyone who wishes to play in the Society as a guest or join as a new member, contact Ian Henderson on 966 716 616 or 636 116 230.

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