43 members and a couple of guests prepared themselves for an early start for the 2nd round of this season’s Captain’s Stableford competition. A cloudy sky and a few drops of rain brought back memories of a couple of weeks ago at Hacienda Del Alamo where we were rained off.

However the skies cleared and the day presented us with perfect playing conditions. Now there is still a temporary green on hole 6 it plays around 130m the condition of this green is such that today it helped to make a record of 9 birdies on the par 3’s, 6 of these were on this little hole, it was also the place where for the first time that I can remember 2 members where exactly the same distance from the hole, adjudicated by Kjell Aasebo with his laser and confirmed that both players were 5,8m from the hole.

It’s been mentioned that the original green will be back in play early in the new year but this was meet with cries no no! from our membership, the rest of the course was in great condition as the results will show. Our “Viking” members seem to be hell bent on lowering their handicaps before our annual Viking Trophy that is to be played for later this month.

Results: N.T.P.’s hole 4 N. Spaniol, hole 6, J. Hillier & H. Ovrum, hole 10 R. Nilsen, hole 15 A. Alm, hole 17 S. Hill. Bronze category. 3rd, J. Hillier 31 pts. 2nd A. Goslan 35 pts. 1st R. Nilsen 37 pts. Silver category: 3rd L. Sullivan 334 pts. 2nd O. Rong 35 pts. 1st F. Kras 37 pts. Gold category: 3rd R. Eiken 37 pts. 2nd S. Sonesen 38 pts. 1st C. Landaas 39 pts.

Photo: the 2’s winners.

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