I am finally able to report that the Captain´s Curse has broken.  A full game of golf sponsored by Captain Cooper took place this Friday.  At first all indications pointed to a third possible cancellation of a game sponsored by Denise, as the weather forecast looked grim.  However, despite grey skies, a number of no shows and some early rain twenty four determined players completed the days event. The Captain (me) was very pleased indeed.

The wet conditions made the course very long, even longer for the guys as their tee positions had been moved right back.  The thunder we thought we heard turned out to be the muttered complaints of our poor boys.  We should pity them ladies…no, really, wipe that smirk off your face this instant! 

Only one player beat the course by attaining 1 better than par and that was our winner Liz Butler with 37 points.  Liz also had a fantastic NTP on the 16th with an ´almost hole in one´, at just 0.11 from the pin.  The subsequent putt provided her with the days only awarded coveted Montgo ball as well.  Doing his bit for the happy household, hubby Barry Butler came in 2nd with 33 points.  I believe this is the fourth time this year a married couple have gone home with both top spots.

Shaun O´Gorman came in third also with 33 points, fourth spot went to Francien Knoops with 31 points.  Both had NTP prizes too, Shaun on the 18th in 2, whilst Francien had two NTPs, one on the 3rd and 2nd shot on the 6th.  As all the prizes were homemade ceramics, Francien spent Saturday afternoon putting up a new shelf.  NTP for the boys on the 3rd went to Dennis Coe and on the 16th to George Braddick.

Lastly Penny Barden and Sally Cottrell competed in the final of the singles knockout with Penny winning 5 and 4.  So a huge congratulations to her.

Next week´s competition is the rescheduled Hannah Marsden Trophy.

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