For the first game of the new year we played at Roda golf course, normally this course is in good condition but the greens staff seem to have excelled themselves as it was in magnificent condition, the greens were true and consistent the fairways excellent and the rough did give you a chance albeit sometimes a lofted club was required to put your ball back into play.

Today’s game was the first we have played taking advantage of some of the new rules as recently issued by the R & A, we found that leaving the pin in on the putting greens definitely saved time as there wasn’t any need for a player to wait while the pin was tended as he or she could putt up without any fear of losing a stroke should they hit the flagstick.

After our game we returned to the Mini Golf Bar a short distance from Quesada’s Arches, we were met as usual by the smiling faces of this popular bars staff and treated to snacks provided by Rik and Lisa and prepared by Keith the chef, following our food and a couple of beers we welcomed Paul Hutchinson and Tony Wilson as new members to the society then we proceeded with our presentation.

Our nearest the pins were on hole seven new member Paul Hutchinson on hole eleven John Rush with John Chatham taking the thirteenth hole, all received a sleeve of golf balls, the best front nine with fourteen points was won by Martin Collins and our best back nine was achieved by Barrie Hopkinson with eighteen points both received a bottle of Pata Negra Rioja.

It was close run for our first three places as Rob Ashman scored thirty-one points to win third place, receiving a bottle of the same Rioja, John Rush scored thirty-two points to take second place winning a sleeve of golf balls and a bottle of Rioja but our winner on the day with thirty-three points was Malcolm Evans taking home a bottle of Gordon’s gin, Paul Hutchinson converted his NTP with an excellent putt to a two winning our twos pot and the soccer card was won by Barry Grinsell who had selected Coventry. I have to say well done to our prize winners.

Busters Golf Society is a small friendly group of like-minded people who play on the first Friday of the month, depending on the time of the year we generally have between sixteen and twenty-four players, over the six years since we first formed the society some of our original members have moved on, either returning to their country of origin or have ventured to pastures new, so we are looking for a few more members to swell our ranks, if you are interested in joining our society ( its free) then please email me Barry Grinsell at quoting your phone number and current handicap and I will get back to you within a couple of days

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