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The International Golf League

The International League and The Presidents’ Trophy 2017. Final Day and presentation of prizes Fond De Llop. Congratulations to all those who participated in the event this year. In the Levante section we had our winners, El Valle GS, 2nd Javea Parejas and 3rd Sportsmans Nomads GS. In the Poniente section we had winners Campbell Lamont Golf, 2nd Amigos Unidos and 3rd The Ba Bas. The Presidents’ Trophy was won by SMGS, 2nd The Celtic Tigers, 3rd El Valle GS.

We would like to thank the federation for their continued support of the tournaments. To all the host courses for the use of their fine facilities To the staff in the office in Valencia especially to Natalia, Inma and Alberto. To our directors of tournaments and Alfredo, muchos gracias.

To Alberto Iglesias and Font de Llop for all their help in making the final day very special. Finally to all you who participated in the events we hope to see you all next year in an ever expanding league, thank you.

If you would like to enter next years events please contact the federation or send me a message and we will do all we can to get you registered for the events.

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