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2019’s Best Fairway Woods For Novice Golfers

Apart from drivers, another extremely useful and popular type of club from the woods category is fairway wood. Both types of woods look quite similar and have mostly graphite shafts. However, one of the main distinctive features of a fairway wood compared to the driver is a smaller clubhead. In addition, its clubhead looks slightly different from the rest of the clubs because of its bulbous shape and flat face.

Also, these clubs come with lofts that range from 12 to 20 degrees, which allows players to make softer and higher shots. Finally, such lofts offer more control of the ball. Thus, high-quality fairway wood is a handy club that every golfer should have in his bag!

Why Do Players Need Such Clubs?

Even if you are a beginner golfer, you must know that every type of clubs is meant for specific types of shots. Same way, fairway wood has its purpose.

Mostly, these clubs come in handy in two situations:

  • Hitting off the tee – yes, we know that this is mostly done with a driver, but if it feels like you might need a bit more control, using a fairway wood can be very beneficial!
  • Making longer shots – if you are playing with your iron and need to add a bit more length, that’ s another time when fairway woods will come in handy because their ranges are slightly extended compared to the irons.

Best Fairway Woods For Novice Players

Although it can be quite hard to learn to hit these clubs, thanks to modern technologies and unique designs, the manufacturers of golf gear managed to make their fairway woods easier and more playable for beginners.

Models created for high handicappers differ from the rest thanks to their forgiveness and special construction that complements the player’s skills and helps to turn mishits into consistently good shots. To help novice players make the right choice, we have made a list of the easiest to hit fairway woods!

  1. Best Of All – TaylorMade M4


  • Great model from the top manufacturer
  • Handy from tough lies
  • Smooth and high launch
  • Excellent feel
  • Decent distance
  • Forgiving


  • Lack of adjustability

This model is excellent by all parameters – forgiving, long, durable, versatile, nice in terms of feel, and much more. If you are shopping for the best fairway wood, M4 by TaylorMade is a reliable option.

  1. Best Distance – Callaway Men’s Rogue 


  • Technologically advances
  • Top manufacturer
  • Durability
  • Decent distance
  • Nice price


  • Lacks forgiveness compared to other woods

This option may not be as forgiving as the others, but it is the longest fairway wood you can find in 2019! It has a nice design, and it is also the most technologically advanced club out there. Add to this decent durability, nice price, and a 1-year warranty, and you will get a perfect option!

  1. Best Deal – TaylorMade Mens RBZ


  • Very long
  • Forgiveness
  • Excellent design
  • Best value
  • Durability


  • Sound
  • Lack of adjustability

If you are shopping for the best deal, this model from one of the leading manufacturers could be your best bet! It is neat looking and very forgiving. Apart from that, it offers decent distance, durability, smooth launch, and many other benefits.

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6 Hybrid Golf Clubs That Will Boost Your Golfing Performance!

The Best Hybrid Golf Clubs Available In 2017.

Welcome to our list of the best hybrid golf clubs money can buy in 2017. This list is a must-read for those interested in golf or anyone looking to buy a new swinger for the course or range. This list of the best hybrid golf clubs will help you find a hybrid golf club that suits your needs!

Customized Acer XDS Hybrid (Set of 3)

hybrid golf clubs
Acer XDS Hybrid Golf Clubs ‘Casual Enough’
(*Prices at time of writing + Links to Purchase) | UK Price £48.39 – £68.99 | EU Price €54.84 – €78.18 US SIMILAR PRICE AND PRODUCT |

Firstly and maybe the least important for most golf enthusiasts, they look AMAZING… They are gorgeously designed with brilliant red accents, and beautiful grooves accenting the hybrid head. Not to mention the snazzy ‘tip-tag’ REACT, which suggests you’ll be driving.. or putting.. or wedging even, like Tiger Woods or Jack Nicklaus or even Jordan Spieth or maybe even…. (you get the point!). Even the Shaft of the club screams premium. The blacks and silvers perfectly outline the thought processes that went into making these masterpieces.
Now enough blabbing and ‘golfgasms’, on to the technical and maybe more important information.
The Acer XDS Hybrid golf clubs all follow the same amount of face progression throughout the set, meaning you don’t need to adjust your stance for any of the different clubs. Not only do they all have the same face progression but also the same crown heights. Now, this may sound like useless mumbo-jumbo, but wait… it’s not. These insane clubs built for every golfer allow you to use the same swing every time, meaning you can focus on what matters, and not on which way your bum points or your hips turn. The railed soles allow any of these clubs to glide across all types of terrains effortlessly, making a more solid contact. Not to mention the leading edge is designed so brilliantly that it prevents the possibility of shanking the ball.
All in all these hybrid golf clubs are brilliant, they feel great, swing great, and are a joy to use!

Japanese WaZaki Black Oil Finish Steel Hybrid Irons (Set of 16)

best hybrid golf clubs
Japanese WaZaki Black Oil Finish Steel Hybrid Irons ‘Moon Golf’

(*Prices at time of writing + Links to Purchase) | UK Price £253.99 | US Price $267.99 | EU Price €295.99 |

To be fair there is not much to say about this set of hybrid golf clubs. They’re beautifully made. Forged in Japan and made with none other than carbon and titanium. These clubs do last and they do it well. They keep their shine. They are undeniably strong, so strong in fact you could probably destroy a tank with one. However, you could say they are expensive…. But we feel the price is well justified, the shafts are made with space-grade materials…. With one of these clubs, you will no doubt feel like you own an amazing piece of innovative, special golfing tech…. whatever you want to call them, they are AWESOME and are well worth the pickup. If of course, you don’t mind paying the premium.

With everything ‘putted’ for are they better than option one….. hmmm maybe, they’re stronger, they are more premium, they are more powerful. But this set does cost more so the choice is up to you…… 


Japanese WaZaki 14k Gold Finish Cyclone Steel Hybrid Irons (Set of 16)

The Best hybrid golf clubs 2017
Japan WaZaki 14k Gold Finish Cyclone Steel Hybrid Irons ‘NASAgasm’

(*Prices at time of writing + Links to Purchase) | UK Price £295.99 | US Price $295.99 | EU Price €287.99 (SIMILAR PRODUCT & PRICE |

Again the same designer and manufacturing god that gave us the Black Oil Finish Irons gives us these gorgeous, striking GOLD EDITION CLUBS……. Oooh my gosh *insert appropriate sound…..*

They are yet again thanks to the legends at WaZaki AMAZING, and super cool. And here’s why!

The shaft is yet again something Nasa would have a….. ‘NASAgasm’ over. Being made of CARBON FIBER, yes you heard me, this club is stylish and will last for ages…. Probably until the world ends, to be honest. It has a larger face plate to increase distance and effectiveness and is said to give a better swing velocity ratio to ball launch speed than any other club. The Special Light Steel body has a lower centre of gravity that provides a higher spin and a much-heightened speed. The speed of your strike will increase the power of your shot tenfold with this new feat of engineering! Again this club is amazing and will surely make you the centre of attention at any course or range you go to! …. SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!

Option two VS option three; who wins? Well, option two is not as well engineered and doesn’t have things like a specialized centre of gravity soo…. And comparing these clubs to option one is a clear winner, and you know why! But again the price? Although it is for a gold set of 16!

Cobra Golf King F7 Hybrid Golf Club

Best golf clubs 2017
Cobra Golf King F7 Hybrid Golf Club ‘The Sexy One’

(*Prices at time of writing + Links to Purchase) | UK Price £150 | US Price $197.95 | EU Price €212.71 |

In my opinion and I’m sure you will agree with me the Cobra F7 Hybrid Golf Club is one of, if not the most, sexy golf clubs around. It is amazing looking, with the subtle orange perfectly contrasting with the black, luxurious high tech look. Not to mention the slogans slapped all over the head of the club, which make it look to me like a categorized nuke. This time, the club’s centre of gravity is at the back of the head, boosting your optimized follow-through and connection speed with the ball. The faceplate is made of Light 455 Stainless steel and is designed to be light, durable and flexible. It boasts MYFLY8 with SMARTPAD-8 technology that makes it easy to adjust the loft settings to manage trajectory. All in all, there’s not a whole lot to think about. A solid head, solid shaft and solid build make for a great choice.

However, is it made of carbon fibre? No. Is it made of Titanium then? Hmm No again. So what justifies the price of this club you ask. To me, it is the flawless design, amazing tech and the high Cobra F7 brand profile.

Cobra Bio Cell Hybrid Golf Club



the best golf clubs 2017
Cobra Bio Cell Hybrid Golf Club ‘A good Cheap ‘n’ Cheerful’

(*Prices at time of writing + Links to Purchase) | UK Price £79 | US Price $49.99 | EU Price €133.22 |

This club is for the value, ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I mean only $50 if you’re in the US…. Jeezzzzz. No to mention it comes in 5 different colours – black, red, orange, blue and silver. So what about the club? Like most other Cobra clubs, it has MyFly8 Technology with Smartpad. The club provides eight adjustable loft settings to maximize distance, manage trajectory and optimize yardage gaps. Its high strength, steel face provides a great balance of durability and face flex for faster ball speeds and longer distance. With this club, you could smash your ball to mars!!! (#LetsSeeNasaDoThat). The Bio Cell technology enables the user more control over the direction of the ball and guarantees an improved and more accurate shot every time. Also, it’s a low spin club. Which means more distance and more height, due to less drop. So HONESTLY, IT’S A NO BRAINER – CHEAP, POWERFUL AND STYLISH……

Cobra Mens Fly Z Hybrid Golf Clubs


cobra hybrid golf clubs
Cobra Mens Fly Z Hybrid Golf Clubs ‘Sports Car Tech..’

(*Prices at time of writing + Links to Purchase) | UK Price £90 | US Price $49.99 | EU Price €139.94 |

Premium. Premium. Premium. This club looks, well… can you guess?

The Cobra Fly Z Hybrid Golf Clubs are the bee’s knees when it comes to what you get for your hard-earned money. They look amazing, they feel amazing. So whats not to like? Let’s have a look at the deeper specs, shall we?

The Head of the Fly Z has a special wind trench built in, so when you are swinging your club the air is being funnelled around the head to squeeze every extra ounce of velocity from your swing. Not to mention an increase in aerodynamics. So.. this club is built like a sports car…. Wow! Again this club has a low centre of gravity positioned at the back of the club. Being made by Cobra we know what to expect, its got the company trademark bells and whistles, whilst bringing powerful technology to the golfing game!


So, what do you think, do you want to go for the premium clubs? Or maybe the budget clubs? Either way, you go with any of these choices you will be sure to get a great club. These hybrid golf clubs are the best golf clubs for 2017 and are all amazing in almost every way!

Thank you for reading our article. Do not hesitate to share and like this article if you did enjoy it! Also, don’t hesitate to comment with your opinions on which the best golf clubs are or which ones you like and why! Also if you have any changes to make to my list please comment down below, I’d love to hear them!


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