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Peter’s Stunning Back Nine Wins The Day.

And so it came to pass that we arrived at the Wolfpack’s April Society Day. Traditionally the date for The John Woodey Trophy, but numbers were disappointing a week ago, so we postponed the trophy competition. As it happened, a decent number of members and guests eventually played.

It was great to see Joe Booth visit us for both pre and post round celebrations, nice to see our old pal back on his feet again after his back operation. The wind was picking up and the sun hiding behind clouds as we approached tee time. The wind sensed that 11:32 was a good time to increase its strength and it duly did, raising its power steadily during the day until the last 3 or 4 holes were played in gusts which sent balls every which way.

At the half way stage, several players had recorded good scores, the pick of the bunch being Bob Eno’s 21 points. Ron Colclough had picked up the nearest the pin prize on the 6th along the way. On the back nine there were again some good scores, some players obviously impervious to the windy conditions. Bob Gorrill took the back nine prize with 20 points, but nobody managed to hit the green on the tricky 15th – surely because of the wind ???

Back at The Royal Oak, once order was restored it was time to present some money and  prizes. In third place was Bob Eno with 35 points, which would have been better if he hadn’t “no returned”  on the 17th and 18th. In second place was another Bob, Gorrill, with 35 points and the winner with a whopping 42 points was “Bomber” D’Amery.

Well done sir, a fine round under the conditions. 23 points on the back nine was the clincher. Thanks to everyone for supporting us – it turned out to be a good day after all.

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Wolfpack Captain Triumphs At Last.

Society Day, and time for the annual chest-beating known as Captain vs Vice – a competition usually won by the latter for some reason.

We travelled south to one of our favourite courses – Lo Romero. Ted Harris was the keeper of the trophy having been the victor in 2017. The Captain arrived with grim determination etched on his forehead. Teams picked, a change of format, a short walk to the first tee and the course was laid out before us.

And what condition it was in, absolutely magnificent. The fairways replete with spongy grass, bunkers overflowing with sand and greens manicured to perfection. To cap it all, the weather was superb. A shaky start for a few, up the bank on the left hand side, and a nervous trip across the water on the second – but once we got into the swing of things, the golf flowed.

The pace was good and the golf was good too. At the halfway stage things were tight with little between the two teams, the Vice Captain just edging the competition. The Captain rallied his troops for a back nine push, the trophy already on his mantelpiece in his mind. Arriving at the 18th, it was still tight and the tension got to some of the better players who generously gave their balls to the frogman.

Back to The Royal Oak for a meal and liquid refreshment and time for the eagerly await results. In third place was the pairing of Ray Phillips and Dave Pope with 32 points on a countback. In second was Nigel Cotton and the Captain with 34 and the overall winners were Bob Eno and Peter Palmer with 37 points. Nearest the pin on the 5th was the aforementioned Peter Palmer and on the 15th was Ray Phillips.

The team scores ? Well the Vice Captain’s team pressed to the end but the final result was a win by 1 point for the Captain. Thanks to all who took part, a thoroughly enjoyable days golf. Special thanks go to the Captain’s team for their performance and commiserations to the Vice Captain’s team who ran them close.


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Wolfpack Celebrates With Bryan.

This month’s Wolfpack Society Day was a double dipper. Not only was this the tenth anniversary of the inauguration of the Yorkshire Cup  – but it coincided with the 80th birthday of its sponsor – Bryan Hirst.

Champagne flowed in the halfway house cafe at Campoamor as we celebrated the arrival of the great man. The tee times were fully booked and 24 players assembled to fight for the honour of being champion.

Before the off, we had a rendition of “On Ilkla Moor Baht ‘At” – much to the bemusement of  some of our Spanish friends. I must admit I got lost after “Wheear ‘ast tha bin sin’ ah saw thee, ah saw thee?”.

The weather was glorious and Bryan saw us off with the first tee shot and then retired to his buggy resplendent with a “Happy Birthday” balloon which no-one admits to fixing.  Play seemed to slow on the back 9, perhaps our older contingent were feeling the pace, but we made it around.

Overall, the consensus was that the golf was enjoyed. With so many players and the scoring tight it was quite a feat to determine who won what. Bryan generously gave all of the players a memento of the day and then it was on to the main prizegiving. The prize for the best guest went to Mick “The Grip” Reeves who amassed 30 points. Mick also took the overall prize in the sweep.

There was no winner of the nearest the pin on the 15th and in a novel turn of events we had an “honesty” auction to award the prize to the “nearest the green” player – which turned out to be ……. Mick “The Grip”. At this point he was glad he had turned up ! Nearest the pin on the 17th was Ray Phillips.

The front nine prize went to Dennis Fox who scored 17 points and the back nine was won with the same number of points by his partner in crime Peter Palmer. In fifth place overall, 27 points, was Dennis Fox, fourth was Bob Eno, also with 27. In third place was Ron Colclough who scored 29 points, losing out on second place on a countback with Peter Palmer.

Bryan presented the Yorkshire Cup to the winner Ted Harris who scored 30 points – a very good return on the day. After all the excitement we tottered off home to bed and reminisced on a fantastic day which was executed to perfection. Happy Birthday, Bryan …..


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Sassenach Wins the St. Andrews Trophy

The Wolfpack’s November Society Day brought with it the annual St. Andrews Trophy round. As we say in Scotland “ we huvnae seen such a pure dead brilliant turnout for a long time”.

A full complement, mostly Sassenachs it must be said, turned out to play for the St. Andrews Trophy. At the allotted time the first tee box was overflowing more than a whisky glass in a Glasgow pub late on a Saturday night. The wind provided a chill, but the weather was still better than our Scottish contingent were enjoying back home.

Alas no Bill Humes, our normal patron, this year as he was sitting in Alicante airport contemplating said climate.

By the halfway stage the wind had abated and the temperature was positively balmy – one scaly remarked it was reminiscent of Edinburgh in January. The Captain (still relegated to light duties)  manned the halfway house.

The wonderful lady who normally performs this duty was not able to be with us this year and the Captain looked neither radiant nor attractive. The alcohol, as always, was well received which increased his popularity. Judging by the scores after 9 holes, some rounds were going OK – but, of course, we all know the dangers of making that prediction too early. A close run thing was on the cards as in each fourball there was at least one person in with a chance of winning.

Back to The Royal Oak afterwards for the odd Tartan Ale and a “traditional” meal of neeps and tatties, especially laid on for the occasion. What a treat !

Mick “The Grip” Reeves was the guest of honour as we used the day to collect for the RBL Poppy Appeal and we handed over the Society’s donation plus a number of bags of money to put towards this good cause.

Meanwhile on the golf front the scores were in and the prophesied close finish materialised. In third place was Ron Colclough with 31 points, second on a countback with 33 was Denis Warren and the winner of the St. Andrews Trophy, also with 33 points, was Bob Eno.

Denis also won the front nine with 18 points (on a countback) and Peter Palmer won the back nine also with 18. Nearest the pin on the 6th was Ron Colclough and on the 17th it was our guest Abe Numeijer. Mick had donated some bottles of bubbly so we gave some special prizes – one to Denis for losing overall on a countback, one to Robin Rostron for losing the front nine on a countback and one to Bob Eno for the hole in one he sneaked at Campoamor last Sunday. All in all, a great turnout, a close game of golf and a few beers after – does it get any better than this?  


Bob Eno and the prize winners on the day.

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The Wolfpack Captain’s Day At Alenda

The big day had arrived, Captain’s Day. Sadly it was Captain’s Day without a Captain whose wonky knee still persists so he was relegated to spectator for this glorious day. Miraculously everyone arrived in time to enable the coach to depart for Alenda at the scheduled hour. A good start !

Dave Pope had been up since 3 am to make individual breakfasts for the travellers, he even provided the brown sauce. Many thought for a moment they were travelling Ryanair and reached into their pockets for a £10 note. On to Alenda which was in absolutely superb condition in the sunshine. After a quick practice the boys were ready.  It didn’t start well when the Captain upset the starter by kicking off the first fourball two minutes early.

The fact the no-one had been seen on the first tee for 15 minutes before did little to placate him. Having tearfully waved his members off, a quick trip to the 3rd green allowed the Captain to tend the flag for anyone who hadn’t run out of shots before they reached the green.  At the 10th, the Captain manned a “halfway house” more beverages were consumed as players contemplated the serious fade they would have to play if they had any chance of landing their ball on the fairway.

Play continued, the Captain mingled, putts were missed, bunkers were hit and when the players climbed the hill to the 18th green, there was their leader to greet them. Not that many were smiling. A few had missed the water, a few got to the green with the odd shot to spare, and so the day ended. 

Back to the clubhouse, to tot up the scores then onto the bus for the trip to San Miguel for dinner. The list of prizewinners is as follows :

Nearest the pin on 2 Ron Colclough. Nearest the pin on 5 Graham Moore. Nearest the pin on 10 Stephen Eno.  Nearest the pin on 16 Bob Eno. The winner of the front nine was Denis Warren and the back nine winner was Nigel Cotton. Best Guest was Bill Humes. The two’s pot was not claimed and so the money will be donated to the RBL Poppy Appeal.

In fifth place was Ron Colclough, fourth was Bill  Humes. In third place was Vice Captain Ted Harris and in second Nigel Cotton. The winner of the Captain’s trophy 2017, was Graham Moore who played brilliantly on the day and amassed 39 points.

Well done Graham ! Special thanks go to Dave Pope for his magnificent work to arrange the day and keep it running smoothly. A mammoth task which was executed to perfection.

Next stop is the Captain’s Dinner on Saturday.

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On Tuesday, July 11th the Society ventured south to Roda, one of our favourite courses for awaydays.

The competition was The Essex Cup, held for the past two years by Joe Booth who was there to defend his title. The day was very hot with enough wind to slow the ball down, but not enough to cool us ! The course was in good condition but for some reason was not encouraging high scoring for most of our seasoned members.

The greens were holding the ball well but once there some of the pin positions were “interesting”. Play progressed well in the heat although most of the scores at the halfway point were decidedly average – the two exceptions being Ted Harris and Nick Brown, both scoring a respectable 17 points.

Nearest the pin on the tricky island green on the 7th, playing into the wind, was Dan Connolly. On to the back nine and many were still finding it tough going for some reason. Some players did pick up their game however with the aforementioned Nick recording 19 points and his playing partner Nigel Cotton matching his score.

The best back nine score though was Paul Abbott’s very impressive 23 which was enough to shoot him into 1st place at the end of the day. So, the Essex Cup goes to a lad from Leeds. In second place was Ted Harris and third was Peter Palmer. Guest Nick Brown won the sweep and Bob Eno was the victor of the nearest the pin prize on the 13th. 

Well done to all prizewinners. Alas, for the majority of us it was a disappointing day scoring wise. There’s always another round to look forward to…..

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On Tuesday June 13th, it was time for our monthly Society Day, on this occasion playing for the annual “Captain vs Vice Captain” trophy.

Two teams, “carefully” selected by the committee played a Texas Scramble at our home course, Campoamor. The weather was very hot and the greens a little sandy and slow following the recent hollow tining. Putting conditions therefore a little different from those we are used to.

Sixteen players set out eager to enjoy the change of competition and to play a different format where everyone, irrespective of how they play on the day, is involved to the end.  Play was swift and the competition was close – with the fourball comprising of Nigel Cotton, Bob Eno, Ray Phillips and Dave Margetson, playing for the Vice Captain,  having by far the best day with a net score of 62.9 (three under par gross).

In second place, challenging on behalf of the Captain, were Bryan Hirst, Ron Colclough, Bjorn Magnusson and Steve Lugger with a net score of 65.3. The race for the prestigious trophy hinged on the remaining fourballs and after rechecking scorecards several times, the final result was victory for Ted Harris, Vice Captain, with a score of 129.1 points to the Captain’s 132.8. The second fourball on the winning side was made up of Ted, Geoff Hollingsworth, Joe Booth and John Clutton.

Thanks to Peter Palmer, Dennis Fox, Alistair Kaye and Denis Warren for their noble efforts on behalf of the Captain. Ted continues the run of Vice Captain victories and gets the pleasure of polishing the trophy for the next 12 months.

Thanks to all who took part, it was a very enjoyable day definitely enhanced by a change from the usual Stableford scoring.

The Wolfpack play on Tuesdays and Fridays at Campoamor – if you would like to join us, please contact either Steve on 604 11 27 29 or Dave on 677 147 848. 

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