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Montgo Golf Society November 2019

  • November 15th, Texas Scramble & Singles K/O Final

Today Montgo played a Texas Scramble event. Our sponsors Arthur & Sally Burrowes donated a grand selection of prizes.

John Ross, Liz Butler, Glenys & Neil Cuming with 63.4 points claimed first place. 2nd place was secured by Stella Fox, Feli Baybut & Julia Hall with 65.3 pts. 3rd was Franz Budnick, Brian Baybut, Barry Butler & Heiko Schram with 67.6 pts

NTP second shot on the 5th was George Braddick, no lady contested it. NTP on 16th was Stella and Steve Crossan. Two’s today were scored by Stella who won two balls, & Steve, just the one! Our guest Dirk Knape also received a valuable sleeve of Montgo balls.

Our Singles Knockout final, sponsored by Geoff Willcock, was fought out between Tom Atkinson & Richard Fox, with Richard victorious and being presented with the magnificent Cup.

Next week is our Champions Cup & Alternative comp for non-qualifiers, sponsored by John Feek.




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Montgo Golf Society played a Stableford competition for the James Randall Trophy today 8th November. Our sponsors were Marion & Neil Carter.

There was a very cold wind at Oliva Nova today and this resulted in generally low scores.

Our winner today was John Ross with 34 points off 26.8, second was Richard Fox with 32 points off 18.0 beating Celia Cronin also with 32 points off 16.9. We had 3 nearest the pins and these were won by Alan Skinner on the 3rd with 1.16m, Gordon Gleeson on the 16th with 3.1m and 2nd shot on the 18th was Brian Redfern with 3.45m. We had 1 tow toady and a coveted Montgo Bal was won by Hans Duner.

We welcomed 1 guest Dirk Knape.

Next week is a Texas Scramble sponsored by Sally & Arthur Burrowes.

There was a complaint made today of slow play against one group. We must ensure that when playing we keep up with the match in front to avoid slow play. Should we receive further complaints then It may be necessary to appoint one person in each group to manage their group to ensure that others are not held up.

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Today 18th October Montgo played a Stableford Competition for the Hannah Marsden Trophy sponsored by Bob Marsden.

Our winner was Gleny´s Cuming with an excellent 42 points, 2nd was Franz Budnik with 40 points, 3rd was Richard Fox with 38 points and 4th place went to George Braddick with 37 points.

The nearest the pins were won by Susanne Duner on the 3rd, Neil Cuming on the 16th Ilona Mathieu on the 5th There were 3 twos won by Franz Budnik, Sally Cottrell & Neil Cuming who each received a coveted Montgo Ball. We also had 2 card draws for other prizes and these were won by Stella Fox & Ian Bonser.

This is the last time that Montgo will play for this trophy as Bob will be retiring from golf and Montgo. As many of you will know Bob has for many years has had health problems and he feels that this is the right time for him retire. Bob will be presenting the trophy to the young lady after which it is named later in the year. Montgo wish Bob all the very best for the future.

Our next competition is a Stableford sponsored by Peter Twine

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Today Montgo Golf Society had a wonderful away day at the Parador El Saler Golf Course Valencia. The course was in in great condition and the weather was very nice not too hot.

Our winner today was Dennis Coe who scored an excellent 34 points. Second was Stella Fox with 31 points beating George Braddick into 3rd place also with 31 points

We had 4 nearest the pins and these were won by Dennis Coe on the 4th, Will Evans on the 9th, Dennis Coe on the 12th and Russ Peters on the 17 TH

Earlier in the week Richard Fox beat George Braddick in the 2nd semi-final of the match play

Competition 3 & 2. The final will be played between Tom Atkinson and Richard Fox, I wish them both good luck.

The committee also presented Dennis Coe with some flowers for his wife Linda who has been unwell but is making a very good recovery.

Next week we shall be playing at Oliva Nova for the Hannah Marsden Trophy sponsored by Bob Marsden.

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Today Friday 2nd August Montgo Golf Society played the Yorkshire Rose Bowl Trophy competition sponsored by Gordon Gleeson. The prizes were presented by Louise (Gordon´s Granddaughter)

Our winner today with a great score of 41 points was Keith Cottrell, 2nd with 36 points was Roy Jones, 3rd with 35 points was Julia Hall and 4th place went to John Hall with 34 points.

There were 3 nearest the pins, on the 11th hole this was won by Jan Jones, on the 16th hole won by Nigel Siddall, and 2nd shot on the 4th won by Sally Cottrell. There were no two´s today.

There was a special prize for the best dressed Yorkshire Person, and this was split between George Braddick & Geoff Willcock. We had a best guest prize, and this went to Nick Gleeson.

The final of the pairs Knockout was played today, and John Ross & Terry Moore beat Ros & Jim Fletcher 1up. Congratulations to John & Terry.

Next week is a Stableford Competition which is to celebrate the Golden Wedding Anniversary of Sheila & Alan Skinner

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Montgo GS Stableford competition

On Friday 5th October Montgo GS played a Stableford competition sponsored by Sue Burman and Dennis Hammond. The October weather was excellent for golf as it normally is at this time of year, but the Oliva Nova course continues to be in disappointing condition with 3 temporary greens and scarified fairways. There is a lot of work going on but it is still frustrating for our members who have become accustomed to the best presented course in the region.

We had a later start than normal with Levante GS’s Captains day ahead of us on the course, but we got round in the regulation 4½ hours, so no complaints there. Scoring in general was about average, given the course condition, with the exception of 3 players who all came in with 40 points: Richard Fox (3rd), Sally Burrowes (2nd)  and winner Gordon Gleeson, placings being decided by countback. Luckily for them there were no handicap adjustments in this competition because of the state of the course. Coming in distant 4th with 35 points was our other Sally (Cottrell).

There were NTP prizes on offer for men and ladies on the 5th (in 2) and 16th holes. The men’s winners were Wolfgang Schuster and Ian Bonser, but no lady got on the 5th in 2, and Sally Burrowes collected the prize on the 16th at a distance of 15 metres. Now that is wayward for our ladies!

At the presentation after the competition it was great to see founding member Jan Jones back and with the great news that she has had the sign off from her doctor to start playing again, having been laid low with a bad back since early in the year. We look forward to having her out with us again in the very near future.

Next week we will be holding our annual Captain vs Vice-Captain match.


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Montgo GS Rose Bowl Medal competition

This year´s Rose Bowl Medal competition, sponsored by our favourite golf coach Paul Tolley, was hotly contested by Montgo GS on this last Friday of August.  The weather was again perfect, but the course is now looking a little tired following the deprivations of a long, dry summer.  However major repair works begin next week with the implementation of a couple of temporary greens.  No doubt the course will be back on course very soon….dýa see what I did there…eh…

So for those unaffected by the odd bare patch on the greens, net 70 seemed to be the favoured result with the top three players all having the same score.  Our friend countback soon sorted them out much to the dismay of our Captain who was hoping for her first victory of the year.  It was not to be as best back nine went to Gordon Gleeson in first place, second place went to Captain Cooper whilst our third net 70 player was John Day.  As I am writing this though, I feel it was a joint victory for all three!!  Fourth place went to Penny Barden with a net 72.

All the prize winners…except our Captain, took home additional prizes as NTP on the 3rd went to a pleasantly surprised John Day with 7.57m.  NTP on the 16th was claimed by our champ Gordon Gleeson with 2.06m.  The two coveted balls awarded went to Penny Barden and, yep him again…Gordon Gleeson.

A special prize for the ´most travelled´ player was awarded to George Braddick who I´m sure will make the most of his free lesson with Paul Tolley.

Next week, due to the maintenance work, we are having a fun game sponsored by the Society.  The format is yet to be decided.

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Three club funday for Montgo GS

This week we returned to a fun format of three clubs and a putter as a little light relief prior to next week´s battle with Pego, which I am sure we are all looking forward to.  Our sponsor this week, John Day, provided bags of goodies for all our winners. 

In the same vein as those received by attendees to the Oscars…although the Breitling watch was missing from mine so I shall have a word next week.  But to be honest I much preferred the Hobnobs, bag of wine gums and choccies that were in the bag.

Those proving that three clubs and a putter really are sufficient for a round of golf were Peter Gardiner in top spot with 36 points, and Denise Cooper in second place, with 35 points. It was yet another family affair this week, with Glenys Cuming losing on countback to take third with 35 points, but beating her hubby, Neil, who came in fourth with 33.  So mixed emotions for Glenys this week.

The two NTPs went to Brian Redfearn with a very impressive 46cm from the pin.  Poor Shaun thought he had it with 4.28m until Stella pointed out that the 460 written by Brian was for millimetres and not 4.6 metres.  NTP on the third went to Denise Cooper with 4.30m.  So she (ME!) has gorged herself on yummy treats all weekend.  Brian also took home a coveted Montgo ball as you´ll be pleased to hear he did not miss the putt.

Next week, as mentioned, we have our annual battle with Pego.  It’s a shotgun start at 9.00am so don´t forget to allow enough time to get to your starting positions. Yes I can hear you all muttering that I´m a fine one to talk but these things have to be said.


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