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T.M.G.S. Journey To Hacienda Del Alamo 18/4/18

32 members and guests were greeted by warm sunshine and NO wind to play what is generally thought to be a long course, yes according to the card it is long but in reality it´s no longer than any other that we play. The one thing that is different however are the greens, they are lightning fast and true, as most of us are not used to this 3 or even 4 putts became the norm. 

Consequently the scoring was not so good with the Silver category suffering the most; at least the winners of the Gold category did manage to get into the buffer zone. The slick greens were probably the reason that the 2´s pot remains intact and will be carried over to new week at Alenda. Results. N.t.p.hole 5 K. Houpalahti, Hole 8 P. Kinnerfelt, Hole 12 NADA, Hole 15 K. Cornish.

Best guest was Hakon with 24 points. Silver category: 3rd P. O´Dowd 29, 2nd A. Rickers 30, 1st G. Sorby 32. Gold category: 3rd O. Rong 32, 2nd K. Aasebo 34, 1st M. Saunders 34 (L/H)  Photo: Silver category winners. Interested in joining in with this multi-national Society, go to of via our Facebook page TMGSGOLF

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