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Los Nietos Golf Society

‘’In tropical climes there are certain times of day

When all the citizens retire

To tear their clothes off and perspire

It’s one of those rules that the greatest fools obey

Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun”

Courtesy….  Noel Coward  1933

And so it was that the Los Nietos Golf Society ventured out for their final game of the summer , to La Roda . Not a cloud in the sky but a pleasant breeze from the Mar Menor keeping the playing conditions just about perfect. The staff and green staff at La Roda were , as always , most courteous and the condition of the course for early  July  was nothing short of excellent . The greens were a little slower than usual but fine condition and running true.

We played a Shambles format with each 4 ball team , all to score and individual prizes as follows: Handicap group 1-24

Nearest the pin hole  2 ……No  one managed it ! Nearest the pin hole  11…..Larry Howells,  Longest Drive Hole 10 for the second month running   ! …

Handicap group  25 – 36…. Nearest the pin hole   7……Peter Smithson, Nearest the pin hole   13…Darrell Merrett, Longest Drive hole 6   ……. Peter Smithson……

The team prize for the Shambles was won by….. Steven Davis, Darrell Merrett, Captain-Iain Furniss, Albert Thrupp

Since no one had managed to get anywhere near the pin or green  on the second hole the Captain decided to award a prize for the most points scored and this was won by and duly presented to Darrell with a magnificent 49 points !

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Los Nietos Golf Society

Los Nietos Golf Society travelled to Hacienda de Riquelme , near Sucina for our June game . The day was sponsored by Graeme Wilson from AVALON ,the funeral plan people .

At this time of year, it’s a fair bet that that the only weather conditions that we are going to have to endure is sunshine ! And so it was for our day , but add in a cheeky little cross wind as the round progressed .

The staff were ,as always , welcoming and professional and the course was generally of a high standard but we had been pre-warned that the greens were still recovering from some essential hollow tine work some week or so before . This made them a little slower than usual and somewhat unpredictable, but certainly did not detract from our enjoyment .

The format for the day was an individual Stableford with a number of prizes on offer.

In the 25-36 category

The winner for nearest the pin hole 5 was John Stevens (pictured)

The winner for nearest the pin hole …..was not won !

The winner for the group was Ken Higgins with an admiral effort of 38 points .

Ken Higgins

In the 1-24 handicap category

The winner for nearest the pin hole 7  was our Captain Tim B

The winner for nearest the pin hole…….. no one reached it !!

The longest drive on hole 11 was won by Albert Thrupp with an absolutely massive drive !

And the winner for this category and still very much in form and playing off 11 at the start of the day was Albert ,with an equally impressive achievement

as his longest drive, scoring a massive 44 points .Vic ,our handicap secretary has seen fit to reduce that 11 to 7 for his next game with us !

Congratulations to all winners ; it’s always refreshing to see new names in the winning boxes and a sincere thank you , once again to Darrell and Laura , Clive and Christine for their much appreciated efforts towards our barbeque, which was held at Lismos in the village .

Also , our thanks to Avalon for their interest and support and look forward to our final game of this half of the year  which will be held at La Roda in early July .

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Los Nietos Golf Society celebrate Christmas at La Torre

The weather was absolutely beautiful, and for a December day it really didn’t feel like the usual Christmas eclectic mix of wet, cold ,wind, frost and all the other features that we came to Spain to avoid !!

The staff at La Torre were, as always, very obliging and made us all most welcome. Sitting on the Patio enjoying a coffee and the view prior to commencing our Stableford competition we were informed that the ground staff were upgrading the quality of the sand in the bunkers. So ALL bunkers were GUR!!!   Unsurprisingly there were a few wry smiles from some of our members who do spend quite a bit of their time getting out of the bunkers ….. Expect some high scores!

The results were for (1-24 h/cps)

Nearest the pin on hole 9 and hole 15 and the longest drive on hole 8 were all won by Skye Furnace (11). A magnificent achievement.

Next on the leader board for 24-36 handicaps was Darrell Merrett (35) for nearest the pin on hole 3.

Steve Ingledow, currently playing off 28 until our Handicap Secretary gets his hands on him, won the longest drive on hole 12 and a very creditable second place with 39 points. His son won the completion last timeout.

Peter Furnace

The overall winner for the day was husband to Skye, Peter Furnace who also came in with 39 points but won on lower handicap. Well done to them all.

As mentioned earlier about the scores and GUR bunkers, and with Handicaps ranging from 8 to 36 , the total number of players coming in with 30 and over points was 24 out of 32 !!

Season’s greetings to you all and a peaceful New Year….see you at Lo Romero in January 2019.

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Los Nietos Easter Outing

The Easter outing of the LOS NIETOS GOLF SOCIETY took us to El Valle ,a course that we haven’t played  for many a month. The staff were very obliging and helpful , making us feel most welcome .

The course itself wasn’t quite so welcoming , however , as it had a few tricks up its sleeve to keep us entertained !

Once again , we had a great turnout of 28 players with a couple of guests and the format of the day was individual stableford and prizes for ;

Longest drive on hole 7 won by Captain Tim

Nearest the pin on 9 and nearest the pin 2nd shot on hole 11 was won by last month’s winner … Phil Harris

Los Nietos Easter Outing

Nearest the pin on a particularly hard hole 6 was won by Handicap secretary Vic Beattie.

Winner of the nearest the pin on hole 15 was Leif Dirksen    

In second place of the individual stableford was Mick Springer playing off 8 and the overall winner for the and nearest the pin hole 12 was Treasurer Iain Furniss

The day finished at our Club Nautico with an excellent meal , get together and lots of laughs from our fines secretary Peter Crook who manages to find the worst in us all ! Our next event will be on 2nd May at Altorreal.

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