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Eurogolf Last Game Of The Season

On Thursday 28th June Eurogolf played their last game of the season which was the fun game of the Yellow Peril. On each hole a team player is nominated the yellow ball and their score is doubled plus 2 other scores need to count.

The winning team with an amazing score of 162 were Arty Crammon, Steve Sayers, Kevin Bonser and a ghost closely followed by John Barraclough, Felix Mallon, Dave Nicholls and David Blanchette with 161 3rd Martin Welsh, Pam Welsh, Mike Ivory and Jean Goodwin 152 4th Tony and Sue Forbes and Fred and Monique 148  NTP´s 5th Clive Horne 11th  Albert  Cook 12th in 2 Arty Crammon 15th John Kirkwood 17th John Barraclough Football draw Felix Mallon Gary Grierson Duane James Colin Daye-Gretton John Kirkwood Jeff Lynch Tony Stanley Bertie Lawson and Steve Sayers Eurogolf and Toffs will resume in September.


On Tuesday 26th June Toffs  played their usual stableford competition. The course is in super condition and despite the intense heat some impressive scores were recorded. The overall winners were 1st Colin Daye-Gretton 41  2nd Clive Horne 40 c/b  3rd Pete  Gartside  40 c/b 4th Mike Ivory Cat 1 1st Jack Simpson 39  2nd Tony Forbes 38 Cat 2 1st David Horne 38 2nd Steve Sayers 37 Cat 3 1st Morag Turner 39 2nd John Hill 37  NTP´s 5th Fred Reeve 11th Steve Sayers 12th in 2  Alan Venables 15th Tony Forbes 17th Clive Horne Hole in 1 Best front 9 Angelique Berndt 20 Best back 9 Glenn Roberts 22 Football draw Bev Fairhurst Debbie Weedon Stan Lowe John Fairhurst and Pete Gartside

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Eurogolf stableford attracts good turnout

Eurogolf/Toffs Press Report for week 4th December 2017

A good turnout for the December Monthly Stableford on Thursday 7th December at our home course of La Marquesa GC.   Congratulations to the Winner of the December Stableford Trophy Bev Evans with 41 points.

Results were as follows:

Cat. 1: 1st B. Buckeridge 34pts (c/b) 2nd B. Martin 34pts (c/b), 3rd A. Crammon 34pts (c/b)        

Cat. 2:  1st G. Grierson 35pts (c/b), 2nd I. Pegg 35pts, 3rd D. Blanchette 32pts.

Cat. 3:  1st B. Shorley 40pts, 2nd K. Brett 34pts, 3rd B. Adkins 33pts.

Cat. 4:  1st B. Evans 41pts, 2nd C. Stanley 34pts (c/b), 3rd J. Hill 34pts.

Best Front 9: K. Bonser 18pts, Best Back 9:  J. Lynch 18pts.  CBA: 0

NTP’s:     5th C. Horne, 11th C. Stanley,  12th (in two) G. McCallum, 15th P. Gartside, 17th P. Perito.

Football Draw:  B. Evans 27, S. Sayers 37, M. Foskett 48, R. Richards 70, F. Reeve 18.   

Tuesday 5th December 74 players were due to play the normal Toffs Stableford, however, arriving at La Marquesa GC at 8.00am, with the temperature 6oC and a heavy frost covering the course, the start was delayed by 90 minutes.  In the end only 44 players started, the other 30 probably went home and back under their duvets!!

Results were as follows: Overall Winner:  S. Yoxall 40pts.

Cat. 1: 1st S. Yoxall 40pts, 2nd B. Martin 36pts.  (Only paying out 1st & 2nd in all categories)

Cat. 2:  1st B. Adkins 35pts, 2nd A. Lawson 32pts.

Cat. 3:  1st P. Venables 33pts, 2nd K. Bonser 30pts.

Cat. 4:  1st B. Jones 30pts, 2nd C. Stanley 24pts.

 NTP’s:  5th G. McCallum, 11th T. Cotgrave, 12th (in two) G. McCallum, 15th A. Crammon,     17th A. Crammon. CBA: 0

Football Draw: A. Crammon 9, B. Jones 67, A. Venables 48, C. Stanley 75, P. Perito 2.

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Octogenarian wins Eurogolf Monthly Stableford

On Thursday 16th November 64 players took part in Eurogolf´s monthly stableford off the plates and 1 of our many octogenarians won with a magnificent 40 points.

The results were Cat1 1st Malcolm Foskett 37 2nd  David Gregson 34 3rd Arty Crammon 32  Cat 2 1st Caryn Van de Kruijs 37 2nd David Blanchette 35 c/b  3rd Bob Shorley 35 Cat 3 1st Colin Hobden38 2nd Ray Porter 33 3rd David Valentine 32 Cat 4 1st Peter Sanderson 40 2nd Pam Welsh 38 3rd John Hill 35 Overall winner Peter Sanderson

Best front 9 Harry Armstrong 20 Best back 9 Kevin Bonser 19  NTPs  5th Peter Richards 11th Peter Cleaver 12th in 2 John Barraclough 15th Jeff Lynch 17th Claire Daye Gretton Best guest Georgia Richards Football draw Peter Sanderson David Lewis George McCallum Arty Crammon and Norman Woods. Last weeks poppy day raised €704 for the RBL.


On Tuesday 14th November Toffs played their normal stableford and the results were Cat 1 (0-15) 1st George McCallum 41 2nd Glyn Roberts 37 c/b  3rd  Malcolm Foskett 37  Cat 2 (16-22) 1st John Kirkwood 41 2nd Harry Armstrong  36 c/b  3rd Dave Nichols 36 Cat 3 (23-28) 1st Kevin Bonser 39 c/b 2nd Bruce Gordoin 39 3rd Ken Brett 34  Cat 4 (29 +) 1st Sue Pegg 33 c/b 2nd Pete Sanderson 33 3rd Lauraine Walker 30

Overall Toffs winner George McCallum  Best front 9 John Fairhurst 19 Best back 9 Robin Richards 21 NTPs  5th Kevin Bonser 11th George McCallum 12th in 2 Malcolm Foskett 15th Bert Lawson 17th Glyn Roberts Best guest B. Nichols 33 Football John Kirkwood Bev Fairhurst Morag Turner Colin Hobden and Chris Stanley. 

If you would like to play with Eurogolf at La Marquesa Tuesdays and Thursdays please visit the website

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Eurogolf Monthly Stabledord And Jubilee Cup

On Thursday 26th October Eurogolf played their monthly stableford  off the plates for the Jubilee Cup. The results were  Cat 1 (0-16) 1st Peter Cleaver 36 2nd  Bob Buckeridge 35 c/b 3rd George McCallum 35 Cat 2 (17-25) 1st Clive Horne 35 c/b 2nd Ian Pegg 35 3rd Martin Welsh 33  Cat 3 (26-31) 1st Debbie Weedon 38

2nd Angelique Berndt 37 3rd Colin Hobden36 Cat 4 (32+) 1st Peter Saunders 35 c/b 2nd Lauraine Walker 35 3rd Monique Reeve 32 October stableford  and Jubilee Cup winner Debbie Weedon   NTPs  5th  Gary Grierson 11th Glen Roberts  12th in 2  Bill Martin 15th Glen Roberts 17th John Barraclough  Best front 9 Mike Ivory 18 Best back 9 Pam Welsh 20 Best guest Diana Bailey  Football Dave Lewis Frank Henry Monique Reeve George McCallum and Susie Crammon


On Tuesday 24th  October  Toffs played their normal  stableford competition and the results were .Cat 1 (0-15) 1st Malcolm Foskett 34 c/b 2nd Alan Caithness 34 3rd  Glynn Roberts 33 Cat 2 (16-22)  1st Gary Grierson 40 2nd Craig Hall 37 3rd Sayers 36 Cat 3 (23-28)  1st John Hill 34 2nd Bruce Gordon 33 c/b 3rd Ed Silvester 33 Cat 4 (26+) 1st Gordon White 37 2ndPete Sanderson 35 3rd Cindi Green 33

Best guests 1st Andrew Mallon 35 2nd Paul Howe 33 Overall Toffs winner Gary Grierson 40  Best front 9 Hedy Paeligh 20 Best back 9 Martin Welsh 20  NTPs 5th Steve Sayers 11th Gordon Bourne  12th in 2 David Gregson 15th P. Howe 17th D. Wickenden  

Football draw Glo Manning Dave Morgan Ken Brett Martin Welsh and Tony Stanley.  If you would like to play at La Marquesa Tuesdays and Thursdays with one of the largest societies on the Costa Blanca please visit the website

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Eurogolf North v South Better Ball Pairs

On Thursday 19th October  Eurogolf played a better ball pairs plus it was teams from the North competing against teams from the South . There were some really high scores but the overall winners were the teams representing the South winning 10-6.

The winning pair were Bert Lawson and Claire Daye-Gretton with a magnificent 49 points 2nd Steve Sayers and Pete Sandersion 46 3rd Fred Reeve and Lauraine Walker 44 NTPs  5th Sue Forbes 11th Tom Cotgrave 12th in 2 Bob Buckeridge 15th Pino Perito 17th George McCallum Football draw John Fairhurst Bev Evans Bruce Gordon Ian Turner and Gordon White.


On Tuesday 17th October nearly 90 players joined Toffs for their weekly stableford competition. It was a touch chilly first thing but turned into a perfect day for golf plus with the course being in good  condition some great scores were recorded and the results were:

Cat 1 (0-15) 1st Clive Horne 38 2nd Sue Forbes 37 3rd  Felix Mallon 36 Cat 2 (16-22)  1st  Steve Sayers 37 2nd Debbie weedon 36  3rd Steve Tombs 35 Cat 3 (23-28)  1st Claire Daye-Gretton 41  2nd Sharon Horne 40 3rd Geoff Evans 35 Cat 4 (26+) 1st Kevin Bonser 34 2nd Brian Jones 33 3rd Bev Evans 31 Best guests 1st Karen Cambell 35 2nd Mark Morgan 32 Overall Toffs winner Claire Daye-Gretton 41  Best front 9 Pino Perito 19 Best back 9 Gary Grierson 19  NTPs 5th Arty Crammon 11th Ray Porter 12th in 2 Pete Cleaver 15th Steve Sayers 17th Claire Daye-Gretton  Football Debbie Weedon Pete Sanderson John Holland Clive Horne and John Kirkwood.

If you would like to play at La Marquesa Tuesdays and Thursdays with one of the biggest societies on the Costa Blanca please visit the website

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Eurogolf Greensomes Strokeplay

On Thursday 5TH October Eurogolf played a Greensomes competition which entails each pairing playing alternate shots. There were some good teams but the overall winners with an amazing score of net 62 were Pete Gartside and Colin Hobden.

The runners up were Pino Perito and Kevin Bonser net 67 3rd Felix Mallon and David Valentine net 68. NTP´s 5th PinoPerito 11th Jenny Cheetham 12th in 2 Cariun Van de Krujis 15th Pino Perito 17th Ed Silvester Football draw Gina Ashworth John Fairhurst Kevin Bonser Morag Turner and Sue Pegg


On Tuesday 3rd October  Toffs played their normal stableford competition and the results were .Cat 1 (0-13) 1st Felix Mallon 40 c/b  2nd David Gregson  37 c/b 3rd  Tom Cotgrave 37 Cat 2 (14-20) 1st John Fairhurst 37 2nd Albert Cook 36 3rd Brian Walsh 33 Cat 3 (21-25) 1st Jim Weston 41  2nd Steve Darlington 39 c/b  3rd Bruce Gordon 39  Cat 4 (26+) 1stLauraine Walker 35 2nd Chris Stanley 33 3rd Kevin Bonser 30 Overall Toffs winner Jim Weston 41 Best front 9 Ian Pegg 22 Best back 9 Angelique Berndt 19 NTPs 5th Felix Mallon 11th Sue Gillett 12th in 2 Bill Martin 15th Pete Gartside 17th Felix Mallon  

Football draw Pino Perito Tony Stanley Mary Sanderson Andrea Darlington and David Valentine. If you would like to play at La Marquesa Tuesdays and Thursdays with one of the biggest societies on the Costa Blanca please visit the website


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Eurogolf Better Ball Pairs

On Thursday 21st September 60 players took part in a better ball pairs competition. There were some good pairings and some high scores were recorded but the overall winners with a magnificent score of 48 were Keith Wright and Colin Hobden  2nd Debbie Weedon and Kevin Bonser 46 3rd John Barraclough and Vince Tocker 45 c/b  NTPs  5th Colin Hobden 11th Mark O´ Williams 12th in 2 Martin Welsh 15th Pino Perito 17th Colin Willis  Football Bev Fairhurst Stan Low David Gregson Robin Richards and Paul Manning.


On Tuesday 19th September 80 players took part in the weekly Toffs stableford competition.. Weather conditions were perfect and some great scores were produced. Cat 1 (0-15) 1stJohn Barraclough 41 2nd David Gregson 37 3rd Arty Crammon 35  Cat 2 (16-20) 1st Clive Horne 40  2nd David Blanchette 38 c/b 3rd Gary Grierson 38 Cat 3 (21-24) 1st Debbie Weedon 36 2nd Colin Hobden 34 c/b 3rd Tony Stanley 34 Cat 4 (25+) 1st Mike Gillett 38 2nd Claire Daye-Gretton 32 3rd Kevin Bonser 31 Overall Toffs winner John Barraclough  Best front 9 Jan Shorley 19 Best back 9 Morag Turner 20  NTPs 5th David Gregson 11th Colin Willis 12th in 2 Gary Grierson 15th Colin Daye-Gretton 17th John Barraclough Best guest 1st S. Cotgrove 33 2nd T. Cotgrove 32  Football Ken Brett Dave Nicholls Mary Sanderson Felix Mallon and Fred Reeve.

If you would like to play at La Marquesa Tuesdays and Thursdays with one of the biggest societies on the Costa Blanca please visit the website


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Eurogolf recently held their end of season presentation evening at the Clubhouse. It was a fabulous evening with the Caribbean theme, delicious food served plus dancing to the saxophonist proved the recipe for success. Capitan Debbie Weedon  along with her vice captain Fred Reeve made the presentations to annual competition winners and special trophy winners. The results were as follows Millennium Masters cup Robin Richards

Jubilee cup George McCallum

Non winners cup Paul Manning

Chuck Martinez memorial Robin Richards

Presidents trophy Debbie Weedon

Birthday cup Kevin Bonser

Founders trophy Pino Perito

Easter cup Sue Gillett

Ken Wilson memorial Mary Sanderson

Invicta trophy( Most improved lady ) Lauraine Walker

Pegasus trophy (Most improved male) Bertie Lawson

Ladies strokeplay Linda Lynch

Mens strokeplay Artie Crammon

Senior singles Ian Turner

Club pairs Artie Crammon and Bertie lawson

Ladies pairs Debbie Weedon and Sue Gillett

Mixed pairs Tony and Sue Forbes

Club singles John Barraclough

Laura Davies (last 4 medals ladies) Debbie Weedon

Nick Faldo (Last 4 medals men) John Holland

Stableford eclectic David Valentine

Medal eclectic Pino Perito

Club championship results

Handicap competition 1st Ian Pegg 148  2nd Linda Lynch 148 c/b 3rd Robin Richards 150

Gross competition 1st John Barraclough 161 2nd Arty Crammon 170 3rd George McCallum

Eurogolf have now finished for the summer and recommences Tuesday 5th September. For more information please visit the website


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On Thursday 29th June Eurogolf played their last game of the season which was a Texas scramble and the results were  1st the team of Martin Rogers, Ann Rogers, David Horne, Carin V D Cruijs 61 2nd  David Gregson, Dabvid Blanchette , Phyllis Venables, Petra Van Dorp  61.8 3rd Steve Sayers, Linda Lynch, Geoff Evans, Monique Reeve NTPs  5th  PinoPerito 11th  Debbie Weedon 12th in 2 Carin V D Kruijs  15th David Blanchette 17th Chris Stanley  Football as it was the last game we gave out 9 prizes to G. Lavender, S. Sayers, D. Valentine, G. Evans, G. Britten, S. Pegg, B. Martin, K. Enever and M. Sanderson


On Tuesday 27th June Toffs played their normal stableford competition for the last time until September and the results were Cat 1 (0-16) 1st Pino Perito 39  2nd Fred Reeve 38  3rdArty Crammon 37 Cat 2 (17-20) 1st Ian Turner 39 2nd Gary Grierson c/b 37 3rd Steve Toombs 37 Cat 3 (21-24) 1st Morag Turner 37  2nd Ken Enever 36 3rd Bruce Gordon  35 Cat 4 (25+) 1st Franco Gentilli 45 2nd Gill Gordon 32 c/b  3rd Claire Daye-Gretton 32  

Overall Toffs winner Franco Gentilli Best front 9 Jeff Lynch 21 Best back 9 Dave Nichols 20  NTPs5th Robin Richards 11th Bev Evans 12th in 2 John Kirkwood 15th Pete Cleaver 17th Stan Low  Football Ian Turner, Peter Sanderson, Ian Stewart, Dave Nichols and Gordon Bourne. Eurogolf and Toffs have now finished for the summer and will commence Tuesday September 5th.

If you would like to join the the largest society on the Costa Blanca playing La Marquesa on Tuesdays and Thursdays please visit the website



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On Thursday 22nd  June Eurogolf played their monthly stableford  off the plates and the results were Cat 1 1st  David Gregson 35 2nd  Malcolm Foskett 33 c/b 3rd  Pete Cleaver 33

Cat 2 1st  Robin Richards 35  2nd  David Blanchette 32 c/b 3rd  Bertie Lawson 32 Cat 3 1st Gary Grierson 37  2nd Harry armstring 34  3rd John Conolly 33 Cat 4 1st  David Valentine 37 c/b 2nd John Holland 37 c/b 3rd Kevin Bonser 37 June stabelford  winner David Valentine  

NTPs  5th  Morag Turner  11th  Bertie Lawson 12th in 2 Pete Cleaver  15th Steve Sayers  17th David Valentine hole in one. Best front 9 Mike Gillett 19 Best back 9 John Fairhurst 19  Football Robin Richarrds, David Valentine, Susie Crammon, John Conolly and Debbie Weedon.


On Tuesday 20th June Toffs played their normal stableford competition and there there were some amazing scores recorded.Cat 1 (0-15) 1st David Gregson 39  2nd John Barraclough 38 c/b 3rd George McCallum38 3rd   Cat 2 (16-20) 1st Ian Pegg 43 2nd Bertie Lawson 41 3rd Steve Sayers 38

Cat 3 (21-24) 1st John Holland  37  2nd Hadge Armstrong 33 c7b 3rd Ken Enever 33 Cat 4 (25+) 1st Jan Shorkey 36 2nd Brian Jones 31 3rd Gill Gordon 29  Overall Toffs winner Ian Pegg   

Best front 9 David Valentine 20 Best back 9 Angelique Berndt 19  NTPs 5th Malcolm Foskett 11th Pete Cleaver 12th in 2 David Blanchette 15th Hadge Armstrong 17th Damien Levey  Football Franco Gentilli, Hadge Armstrong John Hoilland, Ken Enever and Ian Pegg. 

Eurogolf have nearly come to the end of their season but if you would like to play at La Marquesa Tuesdays and Thursdays with one of the biggest societies on the Costa Blanca please visit the website

The next season commences September.



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